Thursday, September 17, 2009

Audition , Rejection, Repeat!

Leaving the casting office after your third audition in one week, you think to yourself how cool it would be to book all three jobs. You know you nailed them all and can’t wait for that callback. A couple days go by and no word from your agent. You think to yourself, “Well maybe they just haven’t had time to view the audition tapes.” A week later, and still no call...from anybody. What went wrong? You know you did great but nothing, not even a callback!!! Come on at least one out of three would have been nice.

There are many reasons that you might not get a part that you audition for, and you may be surprised that they don’t have to do with your acting ability.

It may just be that you have the wrong look for the part. Producers hire casting directors to find the best possible talent for the role. Most of the time directors and producers have a certain image in their mind of what they want. If you don’t fit EXACTLY, you’re out. It’s not because you didn’t do a great job or something is wrong with your looks, it’s just that you may not be exactly 5’6”, with long brown hair, green eyes, olive skin, and have an athletic build.

Now this is hard to think about and every time you do it makes your body numb. You are clearly the best choice for the role, but it goes to the person with more experience or the guy that was in the director's last film. Maybe even the guy that has known the casting director since they made home videos as childhood friends. Most of the time people pick talent based on their ability but there are a lot of people that slip in there because of “Who they know.”

Your agent emails you the breakdowns for the lead role in a music video. It says, “You may have to do a little dancing, but just go with the flow and feel the music, NO professional experience required.” You arrive to the casting office and SURPRISE! There is a chorographer with a group of people that look like they just got off the show America’s Best Dance Crew. Sometimes you can be caught off-guard by an audition. You fit the character description perfectly but don’t know you may have to do something a little unexpected. Most of the time you and your agent have all the audition details but sometimes there’s nothing you can do about it. You can only prepare for an audition with the information that has been presented a head of time. If they surprise you, be a good sport and do your best. Never have a tantrum.

Next time you’re in the situation where you know you nailed the audition and gave it 110% but didn’t get that callback, remember that some things are not in your control. Try to learn from every audition, take the best out of it, and use it for your next role. No matter how well you do (or don’t do), don’t blame yourself. Know you have the skill, it may just be that you’re not exactly what someone has in mind. Go out and get that next role, chances are you’re what that next producer or director is looking for… and if not… repeat until you get to the right one. You will eventually.

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