Saturday, August 1, 2009


The importance of manners goes along way not only in business but in life. I really believe good things happen to good people. If people are not treating your right, stealing from you, or taking advantage of you, then they will not be blessed in the long run. When I book a job I send a thank you not or let them know I am greatful. When I take pictures with a photographer I give them a Bonsai tree as a thank you gift. I try to give a thank you card to my agents at least once a year to maintain our relationship and let them know I am thinking of them. When your agent sends you out to a great audition thank them and let them know what you think of what the outcome was. When you go to a production office get the cards and the name off all the people you interacted with and send them a thank you card. I know of a guy that was waiting for an audition and he asked if he could grab some Starbucks because there was some hold up during casting. Everyone was getting upset at the casting assistant because they had to wait hours just too see the cd. He had a good attitude and asked her if she wanted a drink and got one for her. Guess who was first too see the cd when he came back with her coffee. Let't not forget these people that we are meeting are people with feelings and lives, treat them with respect and kindness and someone upstairs will rewards you in the future..

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