Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy Birthday to You!

Birthdays, they are the right of passage for every person on the planet. They are like taxes too, you know they are coming, the question is how will you handle it?
Well, as an agent, I am always surprised when a model or actor that is BOOKED for WORK tells me that they are not able to do the job because it is their BIRTHDAY!! What??
Let's look at that again, when did your birthday get deemed a national holiday? Seriously, can I tell you how many birthdays I was on a plane going to a booking, shooting a catalog, doing fittings, etc. I really thought about this concept because part of my mind wanted to be happy that people celebrate the miracle of their life, but then the ever responsible, success driven side of me thought, " oh this is why some people make it and some people don't" .

Life is about choices, you either choose to be in the game, or you choose to party and goof off while the rest of us get on with our lives. Just don't ever let me hear you complain that you don't have any money, or you don't know why you never get called for auditions ad castings anymore. This is where the best of the best will celebrate, but keep their commitments as well.
You can do both, and you do not have to trash yourself to have a good time, unless of course you want to fail in this industry completely, and have lost all credibility with your agency.

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