Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Why agents drop talent and models...


So, I was at a party the other night with a mixed crowd of actors.

One that I used to represent before he moved on due to work conflicts,( he had to get a full time job)

I was always surprised that this guy did not book, or even get callbacks when I represented him, since he is really funny and talented.

But then as if the lights went on in the room, I saw clearly why this person will never, and I mean never make it in this business.

I also felt incredibly grateful to not be associated with someone who treats his business the way he does.

OF course this person has no idea that what he said was probably the most damaging thing he has been doing to his career, and guess what? HE is still walking around surprised that he never " made it" and cannot figure out why.

Some of you are probably thinking, " so why don't you tell him?" And seriously if I thought it would help, I would, but in this case, he is in his own way and that will never change, you see his problem is not that he lacks talent or ability, what he lacks is gratitude. And gratitude is an inside job.

Gratitude that he has an agent, gratitude that his agent is submitting him, gratitude that he has a car, gratitude that he is healthy, gratitude that he is getting castings, gratitude that he has the abilities to be in a business that most would do anything to get a glimpse into.


But here is what I heard that night after one of our talent announced that he had to leave early to get his rest since Peak Models & Talent had booked him on a commerical for the next day. Once our friend that lacks gratitude heard that the other man had booked a job, he looked wistfully off into the corner with his envy out on his sleeve. As the man left the party the one that remained, our ungrateful friend decided that this would be a good time to rant about how he hates going to castings, especially when they are in Santa Monica and other locations that are not " convenient" for this person.

Of course, I was THRILLED not to be his agent when I heard his attitude, and it all became very clear that this is why he will forever be stuck with a job he hates,and miss the opportunities that have been handed to him.

If you are reading this and thinking that you are dreading a casting or meeting, you should think again, and get grateful that you are in the business at all, and if you still don't want to go, then it is time to find something else to do.

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