Sunday, August 30, 2009

Beauty Secrets from a Peak Model!

Models write me letter on a regular basis, and I thought I would start to share some of the letter that I feel are important to everyone...

Hi Natasha,

I have some stuff that I think might be appropriate and/or helpful for the Peak Models and Talent Blog.  I hope so at least!

I wanted to let you and all the talent represented by Peak and anyone else who reads the blog know about a woman named Paula Begoun.  (Otherwise known as the "Cosmetics Cop").  I first learned about her years ago when a family member gave me one of her books entitled "The Beauty Bible".  She has also written other books such as "Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter without Me" and "Blue Eyeshadow Should Be Illegal".

Here is the reason I absolutely LOOOOOVE Paula: She debunks the myths surrounding the cosmetics and skincare industries.  She debunks the myths about how our skin actually works and what it needs to be healthy and addresses the specific needs of different skin types. She will tell you exactly what ingredients do what in that overpriced $200 jar of department store eye cream.  Then she will tell you about a drugstore brand that has the SAME ingredients that sells for $12.  She explains what BHA's are and how they are different from AHA's.  She explains what antioxidants are and why they are good for our skin.  She stresses the ABSOLUTE IMPORTANCE of wearing sunblock DAILY on our faces as it is the #1 way to prevent wrinkles.  Her books and her website and her thousands of product reviews are chock full of helpful, insightful, accurate and easy-to-understand information.

The cosmetics/skincare industries do not like her. =)

I first looked to her to understand my skin type and its needs and then looked at product reviews and chose the products to use based on her information.  Most recently, however, I started using her veryown skincare line, that is VERY reasonably priced and really works.  There are no unnecessary chemicals, artificial colors or fillers in her products and nothing is tested on animals.  With her amazing knowledge and insight into what ingredients do what for our skin, I trust her products implicitly.  Currently they are only available online.  However, I have probably only paid full price for her products a few times, because most of the time there is some kind of deal going on: either a percentage off the total, or free shipping, or certain products being deeply discounted.   The VERY BEST PART, is that all of her products come in sample sizes for around $1, so if you want to try a new product without committing to buying the full size, you can just buy a few samples.  Even better news, is that if you do order a product and don't like it, you can send it back for a refund.  Shipping is VERY fast and the products often arrive sooner that the quoted time frame. She also includes reviews (both positive and negative) from consumers, so you can read other people's opinions of her products before you buy them.

Paula Begoun is basically the "Consumer Reports" of the skincare and cosmetics industry. I have returned to her books and her website countless times for helpful information and advice and since I have been using her products, my skin has been healthy, blemish free and glowing.

Whether or not anyone who reads this will decide to use her products, they will at least find her information about the products they are already using to be helpful.  For anyone who cares about how to take care of their skin and wants to know what products actually work and which ones carry the best value, her books are absolutely necessary!!!  I advise anyone who is interested in this information to simply do a google search for her name, buy her books from Amazon or start with her website.  If you don't want to buy a book, perhaps you can check it out from the library.

Again, her name is PAULA BEGOUN.

I hope someone finds this information helpful!

Best to everyone at Peak!

Melissa Booth

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