Tuesday, July 7, 2009


just wanted to touch base with you regarding the vouchers system.
We book with clients, however it is our policy that we have a signed voucher from every model for every booking.
This is not optional, as the clients are not as organized and in the past have refused to pay models that do not have vouchers. For us then it turns into a “ he said , she said” issue.
For one model that forgot her voucher it took over 6 months to get her paid. I finally had to call the owner and beg to get her paid, stating that they know that I am legit, and would not lie.
I can assure you that I do not have the time to do that when there is a system in place, with filling out the vouchers.

Many times the designers book models and do not tell the owners, and thus they need proof of work.
It is also for tax purposes, as an independent contractor it is imperative that you keep written records of your modeling work via vouchers in case you ever get audited.
Believe me, I was audited back when I was modeling, and they will require all of your paperwork to be accounted for to avoid tax issues.

Please let us know if you need more vouchers, it is really imperative that we have your vouchers for accounting purposes, otherwise it will just hold up the payment process.
This is all in the paperwork that you filled out. I do not know how other agencies do their business, but please for my sanity send in a voucher J


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