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Topic 1

How to be a better improv actor

Improv is a type of acting that is very exciting and spontaneous. Everyone love scene studies and cold reading however my favorite is improv because you get to be creative and express yourself and your personality. Shows like "Who's line is it anyways." Is a perfect example. Occasionally you will see casting for improv comedic roles. I recently took classes at Groundlings thats the school for Lisa Cudrow from Friends and Will Ferell received there training. Here are some tips I have learned from the school...

Some do's and don'ts of improv:
1. Do label your work, what you are wearing, education, what your doing specifically in the scene.
2. Do commit 100% your emotions. your partner, trust yourself.
3.Do raise the stakes add fuel to the fire raise the stakes take your emotions to a ten..
1.Deny the first idea wins, don't argue with your partner you are always agreeing and building.
2.Ask Questions, just add info don't assume thing lable them..your building the blocks questioning them leads to confusion
3.Don't go blue, no abortions, death, death topics.

Topic 2

Hair model jobs

I never thought on the planet of mars that I would be labled as a hair model. When I first went into modeling visions of Cindy Crawford and Niki Talyor cover shots danced in my head. Then I woke up the reality is that I'm not 5'11 I'm really close to 5'7..I'm not a size zero give me my RICE!! (I'm korean by the way) It was just not my reality..When I started to go out for castings I rarley got magazine editorial or fit jobs my butt was just to big (which is rare for a Korean, I guess its all that korean bbq) So I started getting alot of hair show projects. That became a niche not a niche I wanted initially but looking at the pay check I became comfortable with being cast for hair shows. The pay for hair show can easily be close to $500. Everyone knows thats great pay for a model. Remember to wear black and high heels. There are so many girls that wear ballet flats, you want to beat the competitions look tall look confident. I even throw in some personality the last show I pretended like the casting person was the bachelor and I was being chosen. I asked him for the final rose he got it it made him laugh and I was chosen. Be fun to work with and they will choose you. Be professional and just show up, the last show I went to only three girls showed up and they needed seven I was chosen out of default. I know alot of girls might not want to get there hair cut short but thats not always the case. I have done a handful and my hair is still long. If your not comfortable just discuss it with the hair dresser and then leave.

Topic 3

My major is marketing so I guess I am lucky on this side of the can never underestimate the power of you have a preety face, and you have a body to boot...who cares there are tons of beautiful women..half the women that are cast are 10 times more beautiful then me. We have to face it Hollywood is also a business and you have to treat it that way.. here are some suggestions that I have for your beautiful smart girls that want to know the business aspect of helping you agents book work for you..

1. Post cards I am going to get some made there are so many headshots that these cd are receiveing then sometimes don't even look at your headshots. at least if they see your post cards they have seen your face and your name.

2. Updates, update your info, your look and even classes and workshops you are taking and let your agent know what you are doing! COMMUNICATION is KEY!! My problem is that I overcommuncate, maby your porblem is that you don't COMMUNICATE enough. Your agents have 500 emails a day, yes I thought the same thing they only know you! Thats what I thought too! Let's get off our self centered model planet and realize the competions is fierce. When they ask you for picutres do it that week. When you go to new classes let them know what you are doing.

3. Payment, bring your vouchers have them filled out properly, when you run out ask your agents for more. Poor Tammy I practically harrass her for more vouchers when I run out of them. These are your records, this is your payment no one is going to take care of your finances other then you and maby your mommy..

4. Professionalism, I am always 20 minutes early. I smile, I try not to complain and I help when I can. People remember and they keep you in mind for future projects. I heard a story about a guy who landed a major agent because when he dropped off his headshot he helped a mover move the couch in the agency office.. little did he know that was the agent he called him back and landed a fabulous agent. Kindness goes along ways.

Topic 4

New casting web sites

Everyone already knows the importance of casting website to submit too here are some new site that some people are starting to talk about..

La Casting, Now casting, Casting Frontier, Actors Access and Casting about

Casting about is a cheaper alternative I believe its $40.00 a month. they have updated casting information. They also have the names of the casting assistants and some head production people that you can send thank you cards to as well.

I submit DAILY, just like reading the bible you have to do it everyday. You never know what your missing if you don't check everyday. It takes less then 15 minutes a day I promise. It's for your future and your career plus you get to see what people are looking for and the types so you know how to market yourself.

Topic 5


Okey people I guess everyone hates to hear about recession and the downturn of the economy but this is our reality. We need to be smart on how we spend our money, I know of actors that spend almost $700 a month on classess this is REDICULOUS! There are tons of classes that you can audit, get your feet wet first. I audit different classes for many years before I decided to go with Groundlings for improv training. In the mean time I audit tons of class. I saw different teaching styles and I practiced with great people. I really think that spending more then 60.00 a class then you might reconsider your class. There are many reputable teachers that charge 200 a month for 4 classess. Try different commercial classes. Also the SAG conservatroy offers classes and you pay $20.00 a YEAR!! Yes a YEAR! This way you get to try the different classes and see what is your fortay. Thats how I discovered I was more of a comdic actor not so much dramatic actor. Find your niche and share that insight with you agent so they know how to market your abilities.

Topic 6


I use to be the lone rangers and when I would see a asian girl that was my type I would pray that God would make her panty hose rip! Then I had a change of heart being jealous and competitive is not the best way to go in this business. You know the cliche its not about who what you know it's about who you know. I have met girls my type that I first saw as competition but my best ally. When they didn't get the role then they would text me so that I could go there next . She already knew she didn't get it why not her close friend. Be good to everyone, I met a women in her 60's doing extra work on a set 5 years ago and we still text each other and get to know each other on a great friendship level. I have never once asked her to tell me about projects I can submit on or who she is connected to. We just have this great friendship naturally in the course of our relationship she texts me when she see a role for me etc. I get information about great teachers, good photgraphers and great discounts. Many photographers will give you a great deal when you shoot with a friend.

Topic 7

Commercial Auditons

I do not take credit for this information, it was from the Sag conservatory teacher..

When you do a commerical audition just remember the first and last line. Try not to memorize the whole peice to impress the cd. First of all it looks very forced and unless your really good at memorizing lines and letting yourself go into character it is very difficult.

A sence of reality must be created by the performance. Think of all the roles you already carry around you, student, boyfriend, girlfriend, athlete, brother, sister, all of these characters you own right now.

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