Monday, July 13, 2009


Ok people I guess everyone hates to hear about recession and the downturn of the economy but this is our reality. We need to be smart on how we spend our money, I know of actors that spend almost $700 a month on classess this is RIDICULOUS! There are tons of classes that you can audit, get your feet wet first. I audit different classes for many years before I decided to go with Groundlings for improv training. In the mean time I audit tons of class. I saw different teaching styles and I practiced with great people. I really think that spending more then 60.00 a class then you might reconsider your class. There are many reputable teachers that charge 200 a month for 4 classess. Try different commercial classes. Also the SAG conservatroy offers classes and you pay $20.00 a YEAR!! Yes a YEAR! This way you get to try the different classes and see what is your fortay. Thats how I discovered I was more of a comic actor not so much of a dramatic actor. Find your niche and share that insight with you agent so they know how to market your abilities.

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