Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Why didn't the agent sign me???

So, you are eagerly anticipating your meeting with a prospective agent, you dress your best, you bring out your headshots, your resume, and a disk of images to leave with the agency.
Now, you walk in, you really bring it, you have a great time at the meeting, and at the end of it all you are told that they cannot sign you.
Questions race through your mind, was it my perfume? Was I overly eager? Did I talk too much? Oh no, was it the garlic from last night that is just surrounding me like a cloud?? Or, even worse, did I say something that was offensive? Did my political views "leak" out in my conversation? What the heck? Why does this agent not see the fabulous, wonderful, fantastic, amazing person also know as me?? Who is this agent anyways? What in the world does this person know? This person actually has no idea what talent is, after all arent all agents just frusterated actors or models?
Now, calm down everyone, and brace yourselves, I am going to share the truth about why agencies do not sign you even if you are wonderful, fabulous, exciting, engaging, interesting, and have double mint breath!
I am also going to tell you that believe it or not, there are actually agents that want nothing to do with being an actor or model! And, they actually never did! Imagine that!!!
So, now the shocking part, this person that is an agent that is missing out on your talent and has no idea what they are doing actually knows exactly what they are doing, and quite possibly is doing you a favor my not signing you. Yes, that agent knows their clients and what they want, and guess what? You cannot be everything to everyone...let me re- phrase that...
" YOU CANNOT BE EVERYTHING TO EVERYONE". So, let's say that my clients are looking for models that are 5'9 and over only, and you come in to see us at 5'7 and we have to pass, wouldn't that be a good thing that you can now go on and look for an agency that caters to your height or size? Or let's try this, how is this for an example, a client wants talent that has had past stunt experience, and you come in and are afraid of heights, do you see my point?
So the lesson here is that we are all in this to help each other out, if I think I can help you, great, if I think that you will have your photos sit on the wall while you sit at home, I will have to pass for your sake and mine. If you want more blogs sent directly to you as we post them, please sign in on this page where it says subscribe, and you will get your blogs delivered to your email just like the newspaper on your lawn! www.peakmodels.com


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