Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Have you ever noticed that you bought Chance, by Coco Chanel..and so did your best friend, but you notice it smells entirely different on her than on you? There are many factors to your scent, just spraying on a perfume.
1. Body Temperature, sweat glands, stress levels, hormones, and even skin quality can dictate how a scent will personally smell.
2.The texture and pH of your skin is the largest factor in the change of smell when you wear it opposed to someone else.
3. Certain essential oils that come into contact with your skin, will create an imbalance. The skin is likely to use the fragrance, which is composed as oils, as a hydrator. If your skin is Oily, the oils in the fragrance will naturally react with your skins oils, altering the final scent.

* I would suggest trying on a perfume, wearing in for a few hours, then determine whether or not is a suitable fragrance for you and your skin!

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