Friday, June 5, 2009


We all know that our personal information is something we try to guard when it comes to identity theft, credit card statements, online banking, etc. But for some reason when models go on castings there seems to be a few models that have no problem giving our their personal information to the clients~!
My question is this...what exactly is the intention of the model that give out their personal information? Is this someone we should trust with our clients? Is this someone that is working with us, or is this person just using our agency to get in the door and then try to get booked directly by the client? Is it really worth it for the commission you would pay to your agent to be known as an underhanded unethical person? I think not.

Let's keep this in mind, when you signed with Peak, you agreed that you would not disclose your personal contact information to any clients originated by Peak Models & Talent.
We have now set up with some of our clients to weed out the models that give away their personal information such as email address, and phone numbers. Random clients will have sign in sheets with a space to write your name and number, you need to sign in with the agency contact phone number, not your personal contact info.

Now here is the great news, when you go through your agent, you get more $$$!!!
Case in point..
Last month we had a model that was called by a company that wanted to rebook her.
Since she gave her personal contact info, they called her directly. They offered her the booking at a lower rate than we had charged. She agreed to the job and then tried to book it alone.
OF course I found out since I know everyone in the biz, and called her on it. She decided to book it through the agency to avoid any legal problems, and guess what? We got her more $$$!!!
So, as you can see we are not the bad guy here, we are just trying to make sure everyone makes money. By cutting out the agencies, you cut off the castings and auditions that we would normally send you since the trust gets broken.
So, keep it in mind next time a client asks for your direct contact info, do you want to take a chance that you will be the model that gets paid less since you went on your own?

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