Thursday, June 4, 2009

Models getting paid! Sign that voucher!!!

Getting paid seems to be a top priority for basically anyone that does a job. Do we agree?

So, imagine if you will that you hire people all of the time, for various jobs, all over town, with various clients, and basically it is a human internet of people you cross paths with.

Now picture that someone worked for you months back and calls you and says, I never got paid?

You ask...who is this and what did you do and do you have any signed paperwork from the day of the job? Hmmmm, you think back, you have no idea of the exact date you worked, and you also did not even get anyone to sign a voucher or bill? Now, you call your agent and complain that you have not been paid, when you were given vouchers when you signed up, and suddenly your emergency becomes your agents problem? I think not.

If you want to be paid and taken seriously, you need to treat this like the business it is.

If you had a full time job would you ever not turn in your time sheet? Would you ever expect your boss to suddenly magically remember where you worked , at what time and then report that back to you when you did not get paid in time? Seriously, can you see the problem here?
Can you see how scary this is that some people are not tracking their money?
We want to get you paid!

We are so busy submitting, negotiating, and booking work for you guys and gals that we just cannot be expected to do your vouchers for you too. We give you the vouchers to keep in your car for bookings, if you run out, please call us, we will even email one to the job, or fax one, whatever we will make sure you have a voucher. Then here is the BIG part, once you get that document signed, it becomes a LEGAL DOCUMENT!!! If the client disputes the payment and we have a signed document that states you worked, bingo, they must honor that voucher.

So here is the bottom line, if you do not send in a completed voucher for EVERY job you do, then you run the risk of late payments or in some cases, the clients will not remember you at all! Then that becomes a nightmare on elm street for us to try to get the clients to pay after the fact.

So, the moral of the story is, do not call me after a job and tell me that you did not have a voucher so you did not get anything signed, you are all smart talented people and you are capable of filling out a simple document. If you feel that you need vouchers, call the office and we will send some out asap. And remember, we are here to get you paid, so please help us to make sure that happens! Ok, that is my topic for this week that everyone really needs to pay attention to! Thanks for letting me clear that up! Natasha Duswalt

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