Monday, June 22, 2009


Improv is a type of acting that is very exciting and spontaneous. Everyone love scene studies and cold reading however my favorite is improv because you get to be creative and express yourself and your personality. Shows like "Who's line is it anyways." Is a perfect example. Occasionally you will see casting for improv comedic roles. I recently took classes at Groundlings thats the school for Lisa Cudrow from Friends and Will Ferell received there training. Here are some tips I have learned from the school...

Some do's and don'ts of improv:
1. Do label your work, what you are wearing, education, what your doing specifically in the scene.
2. Do commit 100% your emotions. your partner, trust yourself.
3.Do raise the stakes add fuel to the fire raise the stakes take your emotions to a ten..
1.Deny the first idea wins, don't argue with your partner you are always agreeing and building.
2.Ask Questions, just add info don't assume thing lable them..your building the blocks questioning them leads to confusion
3.Don't go blue, no abortions, death, death topics.

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