Thursday, June 25, 2009

I dream of Genie!!!

I wish more than anything I could snap my fingers or twinkle my nose and magically a million bucks would poof out of thin air. I wish I could grant you all, any wish you ever desired. I wish that you could wish and I could make your wish come true. But, reality check, I can't. I am not blue and I don't live in a lamp. Even Natasha is not a genie! Therefore... we cannot "alakazam" castings for you.
Surprisingly and thankfully, we have finally picked up (even with this economy) and are getting castings left and right. However, just because we have castings does not mean they are all for you. We send you on things we think you are cut out for. Aside from hair castings, we do not create "cattle call" lists often if ever unless requested by the client to. We do not want to waste our time, your time, the clients time,the designers time, the measurers time.... we don't want to waste anyone's time or patience!!! Because we understand that you do not enjoy leaving your house three hours early in fear of being stuck on the 110 in a parking lot due to an accident, and even more due to the fact that every nosey passer by has to look at what has happened, we don't send you things you aren't fit for. Do not get discouraged by this. Be grateful we aren't sending you to a million castings resulting in "your bust is too small get a push up bra" or "your bum is too large lay off the bon bons " .
We pride ourselves on having friendly relations with most all of our models, on being in touch and knowing you as a person not as a manikin or magazine cover. We know your measurements, we know your hair color, we know how you are with clients and how personable you are. We know you better than your mother knows you (ok, a bit exaggerated). Please do not call and ask if anything is going on. If something were going on that you were good for I would not pass up the opportunity to send you. If I did that, we would never make money and I would be out of a job. :) Please also do not tell me your measurements are not correct unless you have lost or gained 20 pounds. I have your measurements (which you should be updating
anyways) and we always send you for a reason. Whether it be because your measurements are great, or they aren't great but you will charm them to death, or we think you will be good for future projects and want them to have you in their files, we are always sending you for a reason. So if you don't get this one there could be future possibilities.
In a sense I suppose we are semi sorta Genies. You rarely, if ever see us and on occasion we do make you money. However please don't rub the lamp and ask for a wish, we'll call you.
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