Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I never thought on the planet of mars that I would be labled as a hair model. When I first went into modeling visions of Cindy Crawford and Niki Talyor cover shots danced in my head. Then I woke up the reality is that I'm not 5'11 I'm really close to 5'7..I'm not a size zero give me my RICE!! (I'm korean by the way) It was just not my reality..When I started to go out for castings I rarley got magazine editorial or fit jobs my butt was just to big (which is rare for a Korean, I guess its all that korean bbq) So I started getting alot of hair show projects. That became a niche not a niche I wanted initially but looking at the pay check I became comfortable with being cast for hair shows. The pay for hair show can easily be close to $500. Everyone knows thats great pay for a model. Remember to wear black and high heels. There are so many girls that wear ballet flats, you want to beat the competitions look tall look confident. I even throw in some personality the last show I pretended like the casting person was the bachelor and I was being chosen. I asked him for the final rose he got it it made him laugh and I was chosen. Be fun to work with and they will choose you. Be professional and just show up, the last show I went to only three girls showed up and they needed seven I was chosen out of default. I know alot of girls might not want to get there hair cut short but thats not always the case. I have done a handful and my hair is still long. If your not comfortable just discuss it with the hair dresser and then leave.

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