Wednesday, June 3, 2009


2. It is pretty standard to recieve your sides 24 hours before the audition. Although, sometimes, you will not have material until you get to audition. You should have already been used to cold reading, by taking such classes, or having obtaining this technique by experience. Look at the sides, and dissect it as you would a script, as much as you can before your cold read. This will help you make your choices, that will seperate you from the others.
3. Ask where the eye line is. If it is to right of the camera, or if straight into the camera, you must act like there is something on the other side you are conveying your words to. Keep your thumb on the line you will be reading, so if you need to glance down, it is brief. Do not speak until your are looking up at your eye line(The person on the other side). GUEST BLOGGER SONYA ROME

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