Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Post cards I am going to get some made there are so many headshots that these cd are receiveing then sometimes don't even look at your headshots. at least if they see your post cards they have seen your face and your name.


Monday, June 29, 2009

Best Behave Photographers!

I've been modeling for over 15 years and over the years I have had my fair share of what I like to call "dirt bag" encounters.

Scenario: You get booked for a big fashion print job, show up to the shoot, go into hair and makeup, walk onto the location or the set and the first thing the photographer does is.....try to get you naked.

What do you do?

Well unless you were booked to do nude....you say no. But what if that doesn't work? You are left with a dilema. What do you do when you are on a shoot with a misbehaving photographer (could be trying to get you to disrobe, making you pose uncomfortably, trying to watch you change, etc) do you:

A) Feel pressure to abide because...he is the boss.
B) Don't cave in to his bad behavor but still honor your commitment..."I'm not a flake".
C) Get the heck out of there...no one disrespects me, I don't care how talented they are.

If you are agency referred, a call in to your agent would be the first step for sure however, no one has the right to take advantage of you. I'm in my 30's and I still bring a chaperone when I feel I need to take an extra step to protect myself. My safety is a priority.

I was recently on a shoot as a favor to a friend where the photographer she booked would simply NOT take my 'NO' for an answer. He spent the entire shoot day asking me over and over in different ways to see if he could get a 'yes'. This says to me that he has pushed hard enough in the past and has had girls give in. I even caught him at one point trying to watch me change my clothes.

It got me thinking. As a result of this shoot he will have photos of me on his website and in his portfolio and when another model that I know comes along and meets him, my credit with her as a collegue will be transferred to him.

So, to avoid calling all of my model friends and warning them, I started an annonymous feedback forum called Best Behave. It's a place to report unprofessional behavior from photographers in order to prevent further incidences of models being taken advantage of and to help promote the "real" photographers and reward them for being amazing.

How great would it be if we could give an ebay style feedback score at the end of a shoot to those great photogs we know? And I wonder how behaved other photogs would be if they knew at the start of the shoot that they were going to be given a feedback score at the end of the day.


Melissa Johnston
Guest Model Blogger


Sunday, June 28, 2009

What are you wearing???

" As I stood at my camera, all of my equipment in order, my mind in the game, focused and completely prepared for the test shoot, I became eager and excited to shoot some beautiful models. Finally the door cracked open. Out came a foot, then a hand, then.... a huge sack-like shirt that I am pretty sure ate the model inside." - Anonymous Photographer
Lets take a trip back to high school english class and analyze this
quote. The photographer comes fully prepared to complete the task
ahead of him which is to take the photos correct? He has all of his
equipment, he is mentally and physically prepared, and looks forward
to the possibilities that will come out of this test shoot. Then we
have the model, who rolls out of bed or maybe even purposely dresses
in a trash bag. I understand this is a new fad going around with the
leggings and humoungous shirts or dresses. However, baggy clothes are
like curtains on a stage, hiding the talent from the viewers eyes.
Photographers nor clients are able to see your beautiful figures
underneath. Keep in mind that this industry is the most critical
judgmental industry in the world. They read into anything and
everything. Inappropriate dress in their eyes equals lack of care or
This rule does not only apply with print castings but ESPECIALLY
with fit casting. FIT castings love nothing more than a girl who
arrives in FITted clothes. Key things to bring to fit castings
include pony tail holders (for those shoulder measurements) and a
bikini (just in case always keep one in your trunk).
Modeling is like a job in sales, you must arrive to castings fully
prepared and ready to sell the product, which in this case is your
beautiful figures, faces and spirits!
So the moral of this blog is, NO MORE TRASH BAGS LADIES! :)
Taylor Borland

Friday, June 26, 2009


My major is marketing so I guess I am lucky on this side of the biz...you can never underestimate the power of marketing...so you have a preety face, and you have a body to boot...who cares there are tons of beautiful women..half the women that are cast are 10 times more beautiful then me. We have to face it Hollywood is also a business and you have to treat it that way.. here are some suggestions that I have for your beautiful smart girls that want to know the business aspect of helping you agents book work for you..


Thursday, June 25, 2009

I dream of Genie!!!

I wish more than anything I could snap my fingers or twinkle my nose and magically a million bucks would poof out of thin air. I wish I could grant you all, any wish you ever desired. I wish that you could wish and I could make your wish come true. But, reality check, I can't. I am not blue and I don't live in a lamp. Even Natasha is not a genie! Therefore... we cannot "alakazam" castings for you.
Surprisingly and thankfully, we have finally picked up (even with this economy) and are getting castings left and right. However, just because we have castings does not mean they are all for you. We send you on things we think you are cut out for. Aside from hair castings, we do not create "cattle call" lists often if ever unless requested by the client to. We do not want to waste our time, your time, the clients time,the designers time, the measurers time.... we don't want to waste anyone's time or patience!!! Because we understand that you do not enjoy leaving your house three hours early in fear of being stuck on the 110 in a parking lot due to an accident, and even more due to the fact that every nosey passer by has to look at what has happened, we don't send you things you aren't fit for. Do not get discouraged by this. Be grateful we aren't sending you to a million castings resulting in "your bust is too small get a push up bra" or "your bum is too large lay off the bon bons " .
We pride ourselves on having friendly relations with most all of our models, on being in touch and knowing you as a person not as a manikin or magazine cover. We know your measurements, we know your hair color, we know how you are with clients and how personable you are. We know you better than your mother knows you (ok, a bit exaggerated). Please do not call and ask if anything is going on. If something were going on that you were good for I would not pass up the opportunity to send you. If I did that, we would never make money and I would be out of a job. :) Please also do not tell me your measurements are not correct unless you have lost or gained 20 pounds. I have your measurements (which you should be updating
anyways) and we always send you for a reason. Whether it be because your measurements are great, or they aren't great but you will charm them to death, or we think you will be good for future projects and want them to have you in their files, we are always sending you for a reason. So if you don't get this one there could be future possibilities.
In a sense I suppose we are semi sorta Genies. You rarely, if ever see us and on occasion we do make you money. However please don't rub the lamp and ask for a wish, we'll call you.
Taylor Borland Blog


Michael Jackson

Sometimes life is so busy that we forget what is really important.
Today one of my pop icon favorites has passed away, Michael Jackson. I am shocked and saddened that Michael has ended his journey with this world. I guess the lesson here is that we never know what the future holds, and we need to keep our lives and minds on the important things going on in our lives. Remember that you get one chance at this thing called life, so do not waste your time being angry, resentful, blaming others, just pull yourself up move forward always keeping your dreams alive.
Michael Jackson left a legacy of music behind for all of us to enjoy, don't die with your music still in you...Natasha Duswalt


Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I never thought on the planet of mars that I would be labled as a hair model. When I first went into modeling visions of Cindy Crawford and Niki Talyor cover shots danced in my head. Then I woke up the reality is that I'm not 5'11 I'm really close to 5'7..I'm not a size zero give me my RICE!! (I'm korean by the way) It was just not my reality..When I started to go out for castings I rarley got magazine editorial or fit jobs my butt was just to big (which is rare for a Korean, I guess its all that korean bbq) So I started getting alot of hair show projects. That became a niche not a niche I wanted initially but looking at the pay check I became comfortable with being cast for hair shows. The pay for hair show can easily be close to $500. Everyone knows thats great pay for a model. Remember to wear black and high heels. There are so many girls that wear ballet flats, you want to beat the competitions look tall look confident. I even throw in some personality the last show I pretended like the casting person was the bachelor and I was being chosen. I asked him for the final rose he got it it made him laugh and I was chosen. Be fun to work with and they will choose you. Be professional and just show up, the last show I went to only three girls showed up and they needed seven I was chosen out of default. I know alot of girls might not want to get there hair cut short but thats not always the case. I have done a handful and my hair is still long. If your not comfortable just discuss it with the hair dresser and then leave.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Why didn't the agent sign me???

So, you are eagerly anticipating your meeting with a prospective agent, you dress your best, you bring out your headshots, your resume, and a disk of images to leave with the agency.
Now, you walk in, you really bring it, you have a great time at the meeting, and at the end of it all you are told that they cannot sign you.
Questions race through your mind, was it my perfume? Was I overly eager? Did I talk too much? Oh no, was it the garlic from last night that is just surrounding me like a cloud?? Or, even worse, did I say something that was offensive? Did my political views "leak" out in my conversation? What the heck? Why does this agent not see the fabulous, wonderful, fantastic, amazing person also know as me?? Who is this agent anyways? What in the world does this person know? This person actually has no idea what talent is, after all arent all agents just frusterated actors or models?
Now, calm down everyone, and brace yourselves, I am going to share the truth about why agencies do not sign you even if you are wonderful, fabulous, exciting, engaging, interesting, and have double mint breath!
I am also going to tell you that believe it or not, there are actually agents that want nothing to do with being an actor or model! And, they actually never did! Imagine that!!!
So, now the shocking part, this person that is an agent that is missing out on your talent and has no idea what they are doing actually knows exactly what they are doing, and quite possibly is doing you a favor my not signing you. Yes, that agent knows their clients and what they want, and guess what? You cannot be everything to everyone...let me re- phrase that...
" YOU CANNOT BE EVERYTHING TO EVERYONE". So, let's say that my clients are looking for models that are 5'9 and over only, and you come in to see us at 5'7 and we have to pass, wouldn't that be a good thing that you can now go on and look for an agency that caters to your height or size? Or let's try this, how is this for an example, a client wants talent that has had past stunt experience, and you come in and are afraid of heights, do you see my point?
So the lesson here is that we are all in this to help each other out, if I think I can help you, great, if I think that you will have your photos sit on the wall while you sit at home, I will have to pass for your sake and mine. If you want more blogs sent directly to you as we post them, please sign in on this page where it says subscribe, and you will get your blogs delivered to your email just like the newspaper on your lawn! www.peakmodels.com


Monday, June 22, 2009


Improv is a type of acting that is very exciting and spontaneous. Everyone love scene studies and cold reading however my favorite is improv because you get to be creative and express yourself and your personality. Shows like "Who's line is it anyways." Is a perfect example. Occasionally you will see casting for improv comedic roles. I recently took classes at Groundlings thats the school for Lisa Cudrow from Friends and Will Ferell received there training. Here are some tips I have learned from the school...

Some do's and don'ts of improv:
1. Do label your work, what you are wearing, education, what your doing specifically in the scene.
2. Do commit 100% your emotions. your partner, trust yourself.
3.Do raise the stakes add fuel to the fire raise the stakes take your emotions to a ten..
1.Deny the first idea wins, don't argue with your partner you are always agreeing and building.
2.Ask Questions, just add info don't assume thing lable them..your building the blocks questioning them leads to confusion
3.Don't go blue, no abortions, death, death topics.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Random Fact~ Your fingernails grow at the rate of about one eight of an inch every month, and nail growth naturally slows with age. Your nails also grow faster on your dominant hand.


Monday, June 15, 2009


Anti- Aging Tips
Here are some main ingredients you should use to prevent aging:

Vitamin A: Increases cell turnover, also known as retinol.
Vitamin C: Increases skin elasticity
Vitamin E: The ANTI- inflammatory, also known as the cofactor vitamin. Vitamin E works well with Vitamin C as an antioxidant.
Beta Carotene: Protects skin from sun damage, prevents overexposure (WEAR SUNSCREEN!)
Selenium: Antioxidant booster


Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Have you ever noticed that you bought Chance, by Coco Chanel..and so did your best friend, but you notice it smells entirely different on her than on you? There are many factors to your scent, just spraying on a perfume.
1. Body Temperature, sweat glands, stress levels, hormones, and even skin quality can dictate how a scent will personally smell.
2.The texture and pH of your skin is the largest factor in the change of smell when you wear it opposed to someone else.
3. Certain essential oils that come into contact with your skin, will create an imbalance. The skin is likely to use the fragrance, which is composed as oils, as a hydrator. If your skin is Oily, the oils in the fragrance will naturally react with your skins oils, altering the final scent.

* I would suggest trying on a perfume, wearing in for a few hours, then determine whether or not is a suitable fragrance for you and your skin!


Friday, June 5, 2009


We all know that our personal information is something we try to guard when it comes to identity theft, credit card statements, online banking, etc. But for some reason when models go on castings there seems to be a few models that have no problem giving our their personal information to the clients~!
My question is this...what exactly is the intention of the model that give out their personal information? Is this someone we should trust with our clients? Is this someone that is working with us, or is this person just using our agency to get in the door and then try to get booked directly by the client? Is it really worth it for the commission you would pay to your agent to be known as an underhanded unethical person? I think not.

Let's keep this in mind, when you signed with Peak, you agreed that you would not disclose your personal contact information to any clients originated by Peak Models & Talent.
We have now set up with some of our clients to weed out the models that give away their personal information such as email address, and phone numbers. Random clients will have sign in sheets with a space to write your name and number, you need to sign in with the agency contact phone number, not your personal contact info.

Now here is the great news, when you go through your agent, you get more $$$!!!
Case in point..
Last month we had a model that was called by a company that wanted to rebook her.
Since she gave her personal contact info, they called her directly. They offered her the booking at a lower rate than we had charged. She agreed to the job and then tried to book it alone.
OF course I found out since I know everyone in the biz, and called her on it. She decided to book it through the agency to avoid any legal problems, and guess what? We got her more $$$!!!
So, as you can see we are not the bad guy here, we are just trying to make sure everyone makes money. By cutting out the agencies, you cut off the castings and auditions that we would normally send you since the trust gets broken.
So, keep it in mind next time a client asks for your direct contact info, do you want to take a chance that you will be the model that gets paid less since you went on your own?



Don't be offended if you think you did great and you were not chosen. Acting is so unpredictable, sometimes it is purely about "the look". One day you will go into that casting office, and if you are practicing your craft, focused, and free enough, you will be "the one" they are looking for. It may not happen today, or tomorrow, but the more you get out there, the better the chances are.
DOn't ever give up!!!


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Models getting paid! Sign that voucher!!!

Getting paid seems to be a top priority for basically anyone that does a job. Do we agree?

So, imagine if you will that you hire people all of the time, for various jobs, all over town, with various clients, and basically it is a human internet of people you cross paths with.

Now picture that someone worked for you months back and calls you and says, I never got paid?

You ask...who is this and what did you do and do you have any signed paperwork from the day of the job? Hmmmm, you think back, you have no idea of the exact date you worked, and you also did not even get anyone to sign a voucher or bill? Now, you call your agent and complain that you have not been paid, when you were given vouchers when you signed up, and suddenly your emergency becomes your agents problem? I think not.

If you want to be paid and taken seriously, you need to treat this like the business it is.

If you had a full time job would you ever not turn in your time sheet? Would you ever expect your boss to suddenly magically remember where you worked , at what time and then report that back to you when you did not get paid in time? Seriously, can you see the problem here?
Can you see how scary this is that some people are not tracking their money?
We want to get you paid!

We are so busy submitting, negotiating, and booking work for you guys and gals that we just cannot be expected to do your vouchers for you too. We give you the vouchers to keep in your car for bookings, if you run out, please call us, we will even email one to the job, or fax one, whatever we will make sure you have a voucher. Then here is the BIG part, once you get that document signed, it becomes a LEGAL DOCUMENT!!! If the client disputes the payment and we have a signed document that states you worked, bingo, they must honor that voucher.

So here is the bottom line, if you do not send in a completed voucher for EVERY job you do, then you run the risk of late payments or in some cases, the clients will not remember you at all! Then that becomes a nightmare on elm street for us to try to get the clients to pay after the fact.

So, the moral of the story is, do not call me after a job and tell me that you did not have a voucher so you did not get anything signed, you are all smart talented people and you are capable of filling out a simple document. If you feel that you need vouchers, call the office and we will send some out asap. And remember, we are here to get you paid, so please help us to make sure that happens! Ok, that is my topic for this week that everyone really needs to pay attention to! Thanks for letting me clear that up! Natasha Duswalt http://www.peakmodels.com/


Wednesday, June 3, 2009


2. It is pretty standard to recieve your sides 24 hours before the audition. Although, sometimes, you will not have material until you get to audition. You should have already been used to cold reading, by taking such classes, or having obtaining this technique by experience. Look at the sides, and dissect it as you would a script, as much as you can before your cold read. This will help you make your choices, that will seperate you from the others.
3. Ask where the eye line is. If it is to right of the camera, or if straight into the camera, you must act like there is something on the other side you are conveying your words to. Keep your thumb on the line you will be reading, so if you need to glance down, it is brief. Do not speak until your are looking up at your eye line(The person on the other side). GUEST BLOGGER SONYA ROME