Thursday, May 21, 2009

Getting Dropped!

Ok, so we all know that when we are dating that the common courtesy is to get a call from whomever we are dealing with. The funny part is, when that person we are interested in does not call, we move on...and so do agents. Let me clarify....So here are the agency I am always amazed at the models that come to us to get work,) and yes believe it or not, we bust our butts trying to get meetings, castings, and auditions for everyone) as I was saying, the models come for us to assist with their careers, and we get castings and meetings, and surprise, surprise, they do not call or email back for castings!?!?!? What? Are you stupid, crazy or both? Or are you in hot pursuit of sabotaging yourself right out of this business?
No really, so picture the scene, you are busy out with friends having drinks, and of course you do not know this but your agency is setting up a big meeting with a huge internet company that wants to see you and one other person. That's right, you are high up on the booking chain, and oh I forgot the best part, it pays $5000.00 ! So, you are out with pals, your agent emails you not one, not twice, but three times, working at home at night to make sure you get the information.
The next day she calls you, nop answer, finally you roll out of bed, ( now the casting is over) and claim that you cannot make it since you have not showered.
Can you say unprofessional? Let's just put it this way, you blew it, and there is no fixing that scenario.
I am glad that most of you are not like this, because if you were, we would not be here, so for all of you that are reliable, and on your game, I thank you, and appreciate you, and for those of you that wonder why you don't book, maybe it is time to act like a grown up, stop partying all night and get out of bed before noon!

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