Saturday, May 30, 2009


Auditions are your chance to show the casting directors, directors, producers, writers, whomever might be at the casting, yourselves and your talent. This seems simple enough, right? Well, if your focused and know to handle the process, it can be a piece of cake! Here are a few tips on how to prepare for an acting audition:
1. No matter what happens on the way to the audition, leave it at the door. You need a clear mind, and peace within yourself to focus your energy on the material and the role. If you find this hard, learn how to channel this into your performance. I also suggest meditating before a performance, or audition. GUEST BLOGGER SONYA ROME

Friday, May 29, 2009


QUESTION: How often should you get manicures?
ANSWER: I think the answer to this should be answered on a person to person basis. I used to have very short nails, bad cuticles, and I could never get them strong enough to grow without breaking. I started using a great nail strengthener, kept them out of my mouth completely, because saliva severely breaks down your nails. Once they were long enough to break, I went in for a manicure. I would get a manicure once a week, or twice a week, if needed..and my nails are BEAUTIFUL now. It's just about routine and awareness. It's better to be safe than sorry!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Next time you meet someone who can help you, but you do not particularly like. (I am not talking someone who is unethical, those people you do not want to do business with, because there will be lack of trust) Ask yourself- why are you here? Am I going to let this person get in my way? Can I learn to be political with this person, or not? Will it be worth it? Will I be proud? I believe you will find your answer. GUEST BLOGGER SONYA ROME

Sunday, May 24, 2009


know it is hard to define your ethics in such a place of disillusion, but you must. I have found that networking is a very important part of the business. In fact, I believe it to be an art of its own. That's where you must decide what is appropriate, and what is not, because there are many demons in the city of angels that you must rise above. You must learn to compartmentalize your brain, so that you are able to separate reality and the politics.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Getting Dropped!

Ok, so we all know that when we are dating that the common courtesy is to get a call from whomever we are dealing with. The funny part is, when that person we are interested in does not call, we move on...and so do agents. Let me clarify....So here are the agency I am always amazed at the models that come to us to get work,) and yes believe it or not, we bust our butts trying to get meetings, castings, and auditions for everyone) as I was saying, the models come for us to assist with their careers, and we get castings and meetings, and surprise, surprise, they do not call or email back for castings!?!?!? What? Are you stupid, crazy or both? Or are you in hot pursuit of sabotaging yourself right out of this business?
No really, so picture the scene, you are busy out with friends having drinks, and of course you do not know this but your agency is setting up a big meeting with a huge internet company that wants to see you and one other person. That's right, you are high up on the booking chain, and oh I forgot the best part, it pays $5000.00 ! So, you are out with pals, your agent emails you not one, not twice, but three times, working at home at night to make sure you get the information.
The next day she calls you, nop answer, finally you roll out of bed, ( now the casting is over) and claim that you cannot make it since you have not showered.
Can you say unprofessional? Let's just put it this way, you blew it, and there is no fixing that scenario.
I am glad that most of you are not like this, because if you were, we would not be here, so for all of you that are reliable, and on your game, I thank you, and appreciate you, and for those of you that wonder why you don't book, maybe it is time to act like a grown up, stop partying all night and get out of bed before noon!


Show Biz Show Biz is unlike anything else out there, perhaps that's why it is so desirable. You can't predict your future, but you can sure try.
Do you ever wonder why that girl in your acting class is so talented, JUST as talented, if not more talented than so many others on the silver screen? Yet, she has a mediocre agent, goes out on castings regularly, but has and zero credits on IMDB. Sometimes it's about being in the right place at the right time, and it's not always about being in the studio working on your acting.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


A book- Kill time with a great book! Explore- I am currently reading Michael Cain's book on "Acting for Film".
Plenty of water, and healthy protein or raw nut bars. I keep a case in my car, I'm hypoglycemic so when I need to eat something, if I don't I crash! In this industry, you'll need the stamina, energy, and hydration!
BLUETOOTH! Hands free! Who needs accidents? Save the drama for the camera. That could have been your big break!

Friday, May 15, 2009


If you are buzzing around town to castings and auditions, it is a good idea to keep a few things with you at all times.

Facial cloths. In case you need to remove your makeup, reapply, or fix a smudge. You can do it quickly and neatly.
Mineral face spray. I use this in the summer for my face..I don't wear a lot of makeup in the summer. Although, for a casting, or for the camera, it's usually required to wear some. To re freshen, just spray this and you will feel refreshed!
Hair brush, hair ties, and bobby pins. It's always best to look groomed at a casting, i think hair away from the face is best. After all, your face is your selling point!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Change of clothes. I found I like to have a casual outfit, and a conservative/dressy outfit,preferably in black to wear, depending on the part you are asked to audition for.
2. ALWAYS carry a pair of heels.
For the guys, always have some jeans, a suit and a casual outfit that looks fresh for your interview.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Your Reel- These days, We have phones like the IPhone where looking at videos on the phone is accessible and convenient. Have your reel on hand as a copy to give out, but in case you don't, or someone wants to view it on the spot, have a place where you can show it.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Business Cards- Sometimes, you will meet people, and maybe you left all of your things in your room, it can be quite brief, and you only get a moment to network. A card is much easier to hand out, as a way to contact. This is what should be on the card: your best photo, your contact info, your affiliated unions, agency, and what you do: actor,model,singer,dancer, etc...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


You need others, and others need you. I have had many people people me in the past help me with opportunity, and of course, you think of ways you can pay them back. Unfortunately, sometimes there's not really a whole lot you can do to pay them back, it forward! Help someone else, and I'm sure there will be somebody else out there who will take care of them. I think it's great to support not only fellow artists, but everyone who deserves it. However, there is a limit. You can't help someone who does not want to help themselves, so at some point, if your lending a hand and they chose not to take it, move on with someone who will.
I have some friends who I believe are very talented, and are driven enough- they've got what it takes!- and I always keep in mind things that might come up that they would be great for. Not because you want something in return, but maybe your friend is a cook, and he meets Steven Speilberg at some event, and you did him a favor a few months back introducing him to Wolfgang Puck, he will probably think of you while getting that contact. Those are A list artists, I realize, but the same goes for anyone at any level.
We are in a business that is so universal. Let's take it into a positive direction.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Meditation is the ultimate brain workout and relaxer, perfect right before an audition or performance.
1. Sit somewhere you can be in peace for about 20 minutes uninterrupted. Make sure to sit with your back straight up.
2. Set a timer. You will want to be relaxed and focused only thinking about the subject, persons you are meditating about. This way you will not break your focus to worry about how long you have left, in case you are new to this, and are a little impatient.
3. Bring your attention to your breathing. Sync your inhales and your exhale with the words you use to meditate with. After you are finished, remember to relax your breathing.
4. Pick and subject of meditation, and repeat it in your head, in synce with your breath. Ex: Compassion- I am healed(inhale) Open your heart to let love in(exhale)
5. Don't Judge Yourself. Your mind will wander, but as soon as your realize you have done this, take your focus back into the meditation process. It happens. The more you repeat this daily, the better you will become, and the stronger the outcome. Guest Blogger Sonya Rome

Friday, May 1, 2009


Put MONEY away...there are ups & downs in the business so you need to be prepared for has nothing to do with you being pretty enough OR skinny enough. There are dry's a phase so the best I can offer is to set $$ aside, invest it if you know how & if you don't would be a good time to start learning.
well I think thats quite a lot to chew on...good luck on your journey & remember to enjoy the ride!
Guest blogger Alisa Shultz