Monday, April 6, 2009


The Holdon Log. It should be every performing artist’s Bible and you shouldn’t leave home with out it. After going out on multiple auditions and go-sees and not getting a callback it’s important to see if there’s something you can do to improve your chances. I decided to treat it like a well documented research experiment and I got myself a Holdon Log. It allows you to keep good records of your auditions in a handy notebook so that you can later analyze your situation. The book allows you to log everything about your audition; the project type (Film, TV, Commercial, Modeling, Voice-Over, etc.), the role, location, directions, contact info, any expenses incurred (parking, mileage) which has been so helpful during tax preparation, who submitted you for the audition, which headshot used. It even has a post audition section in which you write who you met with, what you wore, and your thoughts. It then encourages you to follow-up and has a space for you to write the date and the method by which you followed-up (postcard, phone, email, and agent). The cool thing is I discovered that I had a “lucky” dress that really worked for me during commercial auditions so I wore it and wore it and my callback and booking ratio increased as a result. Too bad the dress eventually fell apart. I sort of over did it.
Guest Blogger Sarita Michelle

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