Thursday, April 9, 2009


When going to auditions of course you’ve over rehearsed those sides, picked out the perfect outfit, and you have the perfect headshot/portfolio in tow, but… what happens when the casting director ask you about you and not the project. You can be prepared for the dreadful, “tell me a little bit about yourself.” In most cases, we quickly talk about our lives as performing artist instead of utilizing this opportunity to really let your personality shine and set your self aside from the other 100 people that will be seen for the casting. I highly suggest everyone write done some creative and unique things about themselves that will leave a lasting impression so that there isn’t that awkward, “well I moved out here to be an actor/model… or I’ve been studying acting since…” well of course so has everyone else. Be funny and intriguing. I like to share tid bits about how I once worked as a psychic for the psychic friends network and how I swear I have moments of clairvoyance. I think I’m the best unofficial private investigator. I have OCD when it comes to cleanliness and share crazy blurbs of how it affects my life. Be creative and leave a lasting impression. So often we all have “the look” they’re seeking but who would they like to invite over for a barbecue, hmm…

Guest Blogger Sarita Michelle

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