Monday, August 3, 2009


What I feel lands me my jobs

First off I know that I am very blessed with good support. I recognize and always thank key people in my life when I can. People appreciate kindness and relationship is key in this business. Also I discovered what gets me remembered and I work with the abilites that God has given me. My last name is cha, so as lame as it sound when I go into auditions I say hi, my name is Christina Cha Cha Cha! People remember because I add something to my personality that make me memorable. Everyone goes oh theres the cha cha girl, It might sound lame but it woks for me. I am not tall or skinny or the most beautiful girl in the room but I have a good attitude and I know what is marketable about me. Ask friends and family members, as well as people that just meet you what do you notice about me the most. People tell me that its my sparkle. So I convey that in my pictures and when I work a room I show them this sparkle and I push it to the 10th degree. Work with your God given assets, he made you that way for his purpose. Find out what that is, Own it, Work it, and Sell it! But first do your homework and discover what that is!

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