Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Modeling and the economy

The economy seems to be the top thing on the news these days, and it also seems to be leaking into our industry as expected. Here is a short version of what is up, people are scared to spend money, one of the first things to slow down is buying clothing, which leads to smaller orders to the clothing manufacturers, which leads to less product to make which leads to cutting back on expenses. Models are an expense. Clients can get away with using a friend or daughter of a friend to shoot their clothing and pay a fraction of the cost. Of course these types of shoots are obviously not professional, but I can assure you that a client trying to save his business is not thinking of hiring the prettiest models at this point. They are interested in selling clothing and minimizing costs.
Many of our models are stressed because some of the clients you have come to depend on are either going out of business or cutting back, and of course the models are the first to go.
Please keep in mind that we at Peak Models & Talent have no control over situations like these, the whole world is going through this. We are constantly submitting you, and you need to realize that during this time there are just not the same amount of companies out there anymore.
We are in a transition in our country and our world, it will take time to correct, and if you are upset or not making your bills, it might be time to rethink your situation.
Just remeber, do not blame the people that have worked so hard to get you booked, it is not the bookers fault or the agents or anyones, it is just the way it is.
Stay on your game, we are booking heavily the models that are consistent and showing up to castings and have their cards and books in order. These models are not feeling the changes in the economy, since we have more castings than they can keep up with.
There is work out there, a lot of it, and if you are blaming the economy, it might be time to look at how together you are in all aspects of your modeling career.


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