Tuesday, March 24, 2009


As an agent I see models every day coming to my office with their portfolios filled with lovely photos and hope of being signed to an agency that books some amazing jobs.
It alwaysa surprises me that a beautiful girl that has amazing photos has a crappy book, all bubbled from leaving it in the car, photos all sticking to the bubbled plastic.
It looks like someone got really irritated with a roll of bubble rap and then placed it over thier photos, just to impress the agents???
Seriously, this is such a big NO NO! What that tells me is that this model could care less about his or her modeling career, after all they cannot even keep their photos in a format that impresses the viewer.
How would you like to pick up your favorite fashion magazine like Vogue, Elle, Glamour, etc. only to find the pages all water damaged and distorted? Of course you would not be loving that, and you would probably move onto another magazine. This is exactly what happens with agents, they move on to the model that looks prepared, after all, you are representing the agnecy!
If you need a new book contact your agency for more information.


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