Friday, March 27, 2009


As a fit model, I have never had photoshoots to speak of. My modeling career up to this point has consisted of trying on clothes behind makeshift curtains in the corners of offices in industrial parks in Orange county. No glamourous photo sessions involved. But now I'm trying to get into print work and so need a comp card. But where are all of the photos supposed to come from? Some models are blessed and have the money to shell out to professional photographers for photo shoots. But for those of us who don't, trade for print or trade for cd (TFP or TFCD) shoots are a great way to get those photos.
But again: TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOURSELF: do you research, talk to the photographer on the phone, bring a friend with you, do whatever it takes to make sure you are entering a safe, artistic situation. Do not meet a man you do not know under the pier in Santa Monica after sundown because he wants to experiment with lighting. No.
Guest Blogger Mary Kay Twargowski

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