Sunday, March 22, 2009


I had a wonderful theatrical audition last week. I worked on the sides from the moment I downloaded them. And the way to work on sides is to do it with someone else. REading sides by yourself alone in your room is nothing like the real audition and even if you know your lines by heart, the change in the setting at the audition can totally throw you off balance. You're reading with a stranger, in a strange room with a camera recording you. You have to be ready for that. Call a friend over to read the other parts with you and set your room up like an audition room. Get comfortable with a camera pointed at you. A friend told me he used to set a glass with it's bottom side faced towards him to mimic a camera lens while he rehearsed his sides. This will mimic the real audition and help you focus on your script and not how uncomfortable you are with your unfamiliar surroundings.
Guest blogger Mary Kay Twargowski

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