Thursday, March 19, 2009


It is your job, or is it? I learned a very painful lesson in responsibility a couple weeks ago. I am signed with a very good commercial agent and had a great audition for a national spot, then a great callback, one of those where you walk out knowing you nailed it. I was anxiously awaiting my agent to call me, took my phone to the bathroom with me so I wouldn't miss the call...which finally came! Then he broke my heart: the agency had good news and bad news. I was put on avail for the spot, but was simultaneously disqualified from the job because it was a conflict with another national commercial that i had earlier this year. I was devastated; the idea of that paycheck slipping through my fingers taught me a very valuble lesson: your agent is busy too, and they have their eyes on the prize too, which is the commission they make when you book work. And in that pursuit, they had overlooked that conflict and sent me out on an audition that I never should have been sent on in the first place. Take responsibility for your own career, don't assume someone else holds your interests paramount. When you are sent out on auditions, be proactive in assessing any possible conflicts you might have that your agent may have missed. You can avoid getting your hopes up only to suffer a painful fall.
Guest blog by Mary Kay Twargowski

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