Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I got feedback on a theatrical audition from the director who had a wonderful compliment for me regarding my audition: he said I had no "tell" whatsoever. He told me a "tell" is something that an actor does repeatedly, often unbeknownst to him/herself, while acting. It is a nervous behavior and is very distracting and can be a deal breaker. Do you have a "tell"? Find out-get a video camera, borrow one from a friend, get a cheap one from Craigslist, whatever. It's write off, and I believe it can trememdously increase your auditioning skills to record yourself rehearsing your sides. You can see whether or not you have a nervous "tell": lick your lips over and over? scratch your nose, play with your face or hair, is your leg jumping all around? these are all things actors do that they don't realize they're doing. And they're not good. Get a camera and get rid of your tell.
Guest blogger Mary Kay Twargowski

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