Monday, March 30, 2009


Fit models are hired to try on clothing for clothing manufacturers and designers. Many models work doing fittings in between print, runway, TV, commercials, and catalogs. Fit modeling is a great way to keep steady income.
Fit models are know for their measurements, however as a fit model a great body shot would really help in getting a model booked for fittings.
When we email our clients the fitting models for a particular job, they always ask for a body shot to get an idea of the models body before meeting in person.
So, next time you do a photo shoot, get a nice shot in something that shows your figure, you never know you could end up fitting your way all the way to the bank!

Friday, March 27, 2009


As a fit model, I have never had photoshoots to speak of. My modeling career up to this point has consisted of trying on clothes behind makeshift curtains in the corners of offices in industrial parks in Orange county. No glamourous photo sessions involved. But now I'm trying to get into print work and so need a comp card. But where are all of the photos supposed to come from? Some models are blessed and have the money to shell out to professional photographers for photo shoots. But for those of us who don't, trade for print or trade for cd (TFP or TFCD) shoots are a great way to get those photos.
But again: TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOURSELF: do you research, talk to the photographer on the phone, bring a friend with you, do whatever it takes to make sure you are entering a safe, artistic situation. Do not meet a man you do not know under the pier in Santa Monica after sundown because he wants to experiment with lighting. No.
Guest Blogger Mary Kay Twargowski

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I got feedback on a theatrical audition from the director who had a wonderful compliment for me regarding my audition: he said I had no "tell" whatsoever. He told me a "tell" is something that an actor does repeatedly, often unbeknownst to him/herself, while acting. It is a nervous behavior and is very distracting and can be a deal breaker. Do you have a "tell"? Find out-get a video camera, borrow one from a friend, get a cheap one from Craigslist, whatever. It's write off, and I believe it can trememdously increase your auditioning skills to record yourself rehearsing your sides. You can see whether or not you have a nervous "tell": lick your lips over and over? scratch your nose, play with your face or hair, is your leg jumping all around? these are all things actors do that they don't realize they're doing. And they're not good. Get a camera and get rid of your tell.
Guest blogger Mary Kay Twargowski

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


As an agent I see models every day coming to my office with their portfolios filled with lovely photos and hope of being signed to an agency that books some amazing jobs.
It alwaysa surprises me that a beautiful girl that has amazing photos has a crappy book, all bubbled from leaving it in the car, photos all sticking to the bubbled plastic.
It looks like someone got really irritated with a roll of bubble rap and then placed it over thier photos, just to impress the agents???
Seriously, this is such a big NO NO! What that tells me is that this model could care less about his or her modeling career, after all they cannot even keep their photos in a format that impresses the viewer.
How would you like to pick up your favorite fashion magazine like Vogue, Elle, Glamour, etc. only to find the pages all water damaged and distorted? Of course you would not be loving that, and you would probably move onto another magazine. This is exactly what happens with agents, they move on to the model that looks prepared, after all, you are representing the agnecy!
If you need a new book contact your agency for more information.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Free Commercial Class
at Hey, I Saw Your Commercial! Institute
Artistic Director and Booking Coach Mike Pointer is offering another round of FREE COMMERCIAL CLASSES this month. The upcoming dates are:
Wednesday, March 25th, 7pm
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Excellent information on how to make thousands of dollars in residual income doing television commercials. Coach Mike teaches outstanding cutting edge strategies that has helped hundreds of actors quit their day jobs, and build a successful career in TV commercials. Coach Mike’s powerful on-camera techniques and strategies have also helped hundreds of actors book television and film roles and has set a new standard and approach that other commercial workshop coaches are feverishly trying to imitate. These classes are highly recommended by top agencies such as Commercial Talent, Commercials Unlimited, The Pantheon Agency and Casting Directors that also teach classes! Bring a headshot and resume. Arrive 15 minutes early for awesome door prizes including photo shoot discounts! RSVP at 323-939-4612 or sign up online at <>
Address: Hey, I Saw Your Commercial! Studios
1017 South La Brea Ave. #B (1 Blk. South of Olympic Blvd.)
LA, CA 90019
323-939-4612 Studio Line

Sunday, March 22, 2009


I had a wonderful theatrical audition last week. I worked on the sides from the moment I downloaded them. And the way to work on sides is to do it with someone else. REading sides by yourself alone in your room is nothing like the real audition and even if you know your lines by heart, the change in the setting at the audition can totally throw you off balance. You're reading with a stranger, in a strange room with a camera recording you. You have to be ready for that. Call a friend over to read the other parts with you and set your room up like an audition room. Get comfortable with a camera pointed at you. A friend told me he used to set a glass with it's bottom side faced towards him to mimic a camera lens while he rehearsed his sides. This will mimic the real audition and help you focus on your script and not how uncomfortable you are with your unfamiliar surroundings.
Guest blogger Mary Kay Twargowski

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Danielle is our model in the spotlight this month!

Danielle is a hard working model that knows how to show up! Danielle joined PEAK MODELS & TALENT a while back and has been an assett to our roster ever since. Danielle always has a great attitude, she is on top of her game, always turns in her billing for accounting, and is open for anything we can send her way.

It is always a pleasure to work with models that do their part. As you know, we are just the connection between you and the clients, and having models like Danielle makes us look good.

Thank you Danielle for being professional, beautiful and easy to work with.

You are appreciated!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


It is your job, or is it? I learned a very painful lesson in responsibility a couple weeks ago. I am signed with a very good commercial agent and had a great audition for a national spot, then a great callback, one of those where you walk out knowing you nailed it. I was anxiously awaiting my agent to call me, took my phone to the bathroom with me so I wouldn't miss the call...which finally came! Then he broke my heart: the agency had good news and bad news. I was put on avail for the spot, but was simultaneously disqualified from the job because it was a conflict with another national commercial that i had earlier this year. I was devastated; the idea of that paycheck slipping through my fingers taught me a very valuble lesson: your agent is busy too, and they have their eyes on the prize too, which is the commission they make when you book work. And in that pursuit, they had overlooked that conflict and sent me out on an audition that I never should have been sent on in the first place. Take responsibility for your own career, don't assume someone else holds your interests paramount. When you are sent out on auditions, be proactive in assessing any possible conflicts you might have that your agent may have missed. You can avoid getting your hopes up only to suffer a painful fall.
Guest blog by Mary Kay Twargowski

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Chemicals in our cosmetics?

Hello ladies,
I thought you might be interested in what we are all putting on our faces in the name of beauty.
As a cancer survivor, I thought this was ver interesting information!

Apparently, there are ingredients found in cosmetic products that are possibly causing cancer. My friend Renee sent me this email & I looked it up on the internet wanting more information. Well guess what, there's tons of discussion on this topic. I'll sum up one link, breast cancer tissue was examined and found what could only be a build up of ingredients from topical products. I Googled 'paraben link to cancer,':http://www. health-report. co. uk/parabens. htmhttp://www. mindfully. org/Pesticide/2004/Parabens-Breast-Significance1jan04. htmhttp://www. mindfully. org/Pesticide/2004/Methylparaben-Deodorant-Cancer12jan04. htmThis is from the Health Report webite:'We have been warning people about the potential toxic effects of parabens for ages and how the increase in breast cancer and all cancers could be directly attributed to chemicals in the body. (This includes of course the shocking revelations that HRT was directly responsible for another 20,000 women to contract cancer recently.) Not just from using underarm deodorants either. Virtually all so-called 'skin Care' products have dangerous chemicals in them. Parabens are just one of a large bunch of toxic chemicals that no-one has any idea of what the long term effects are if you use them every day on your skin.' 'If you want to be free of all the toxic chemicals that vested interests tell you are 'good' for your skin and 'safe' don't use them! Period! The only safe products we recommend for use on the skin are Certified Organic products that are made to food grade standards. Yes you could eat them - because they are 100% free of all synthetic chemicals.'Just look in the ingredient listing of your lotions/washes and if you find words ending with 'paraben' it is probably a good idea not to buy this product. I looked at all the face/body washes, masks and lotion in my cabinet finding a few with the 'paraben' ingredient; expensive lines too! One product line in my cupboard didn't show the ingredient in the night-time lotion but had parabens in the day-time lotion. Check your deodorants and shampoo/conditioners too. When shopping you will find a couple product lines are even stating 'Paraben Free' on the front because this is a growing concern. If you shop or do your research online it is really easy to find paraben free products.Here is an excellent resource, where you can look up cosmetics to see how they score on various parameters (including paraben content): http://www. cosmeticsdatabase. com We have to take care of ourselves and each-other. If you have any info on parabens, please let me know.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Modeling and the economy

The economy seems to be the top thing on the news these days, and it also seems to be leaking into our industry as expected. Here is a short version of what is up, people are scared to spend money, one of the first things to slow down is buying clothing, which leads to smaller orders to the clothing manufacturers, which leads to less product to make which leads to cutting back on expenses. Models are an expense. Clients can get away with using a friend or daughter of a friend to shoot their clothing and pay a fraction of the cost. Of course these types of shoots are obviously not professional, but I can assure you that a client trying to save his business is not thinking of hiring the prettiest models at this point. They are interested in selling clothing and minimizing costs.
Many of our models are stressed because some of the clients you have come to depend on are either going out of business or cutting back, and of course the models are the first to go.
Please keep in mind that we at Peak Models & Talent have no control over situations like these, the whole world is going through this. We are constantly submitting you, and you need to realize that during this time there are just not the same amount of companies out there anymore.
We are in a transition in our country and our world, it will take time to correct, and if you are upset or not making your bills, it might be time to rethink your situation.
Just remeber, do not blame the people that have worked so hard to get you booked, it is not the bookers fault or the agents or anyones, it is just the way it is.
Stay on your game, we are booking heavily the models that are consistent and showing up to castings and have their cards and books in order. These models are not feeling the changes in the economy, since we have more castings than they can keep up with.
There is work out there, a lot of it, and if you are blaming the economy, it might be time to look at how together you are in all aspects of your modeling career.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

When do you get paid?

Getting paid is top priority for models. If you want to get paid, always remember to fill out an agency voucher and get it signed by the client. There is no reason you should ever go to a booking without your voucher, just call your agnecy to supply you with more if you have run out.
Models that do not fill out voucher run the risk of the client forgetting that they ever worked at all.