Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Submissions for modeling jobs

How it works...

Many of you are wondering how the submissions work, what I mean by submissions is how your photos get out to clients seeking models. Much of the biz is online, meaning that we get notices from high end companies such as NOKIA, INTEL, IBM, SPEEDO, AARP, MICROSOFT, DISNEY, TARGET, MACYS, NORDSTROMS, MARSHALLS CLOTHING STORES, and many more. Agencies average over 400 notices a day, and we spend our time emailing your photos to the casting directors that these companies are using. By the end of the day, we get a notice that you have been selected to meet the clients, and this is now a casting for you.

Please keep in mind that if you actually get a casting like this you have beat out thousands of other models at other agencies to be seen. For those of you who think that agents have too many models to think about you, think again. With the internet, we do not have to think about anyone speicfically, we just punch in the description of what the clients are seeking and poof, your photo gets emailed.


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