Sunday, February 8, 2009

RockStar System for Success!

Craig Duswalt's Rock Star System For Success was exactly that!If you missed this E -vent, you will get another chance in September, but if you are even remotely considering going, you better get on it quickly. Craigs event was packed, and after seeing what people were saying about the seminar, I can be sure that the next event will be sold out way before it's time! This event was so much fun, there was never a dull moment, and everyone took home amazing tools to create RockStar status in their industries.
The weekend started with ex marine corps fighter pilot Ed Rush sharing his system for accomplishing things in your business at top speed. Craig then moved into teaching the attendees the skill of how to write a book in 30 days! There were actual authors in the audience that had attended Craig's 2 hour seminar in the past and brought in their completed books for all to see!

The audience was a mix of people from all industries, and everyone from the pest control owner, to the chirporactor, to the model, to the yoga instructor, to the authors, to the business owners were buzzing with excitement at all they had learned. In addition to the wonderful content that Craig shared with the group, world- renowned Internet marketing expert Tom Antion also came to share how to make money on the internet. James Malinchak also delighted the group with his incredible ability to map out the "how to" in taking your business to the next level. Craig has personally trained with both Tom and James, and as you can see the results are outstanding to say the least. For more information on how you can get more information about any of the speakers at this event go to There are other valuable tools and resources that Craig uses at this site.
The thing that everyone said was that they could not wait to put the tools and skills into action. Others said that they were so inspired that they felt that they had finally been handed a blue print on the how to in their careers of choice. We were also all very intrigued by Jeff Hockings and his TV production "Leading Experts". For those of you who have seen Craigs show, that is what Jeff Hockings can do for you. Thank you so much to all of the speakers that came and shared their expertise in their fields, you are a wealth of information that is not taught anywhere else. Again if you missed any part of the seminar, you can check in with
and click on rock star recources.

Craig also invited Duff McKagan from Guns N Roses to come out and share stories from the tour. Duff was so candid and genuine, and the Rock Star attendees were able to meet Duff in person at the private party in Craig's suite. Duff took photos with the RockStar attendees as well.
Everyone was thrilled to be a part of such a magical weekend. Congratulations Craig Duswalt, you rocked the house!

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