Sunday, February 15, 2009

Model Requirements

At Peak Models & Talent we have noticed that there are two types of models. There are the professional models that have their books in order, have comp cards, call us back for castings and book work. Then there are the models that come to us with a few pictures, high hopes, and some strange idea that once they are "signed" that the booking fairy is going to land on their head.
I have really been struggling with what to do with these models with so much promise, yet no clue of how it works. After much thought it has occured to me that we are making it to easy.
The pro models understand that modeling is a job, it is work, and there are no short cuts.
Many of the newer models are still under the impression that it is all glamour, and no work.
So, for those of you considering representation with Peak Models & Talent, you will be required to do your part. You will need to come to the office and show us your book, you will need to get updated shots if yours are not getting you castings or bookings, you will also need to provide your comp cards to the agency. We will also have times where we will be remeasuring models, and checking your overall appearance, including your hair ( no roots please) and your hands and feet. Models do not have chewed nails or unmanicured hands and feet. Remember you are the whole package, if there is something that is not up to speed, we need to get you there, so that you can book work.

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