Friday, February 13, 2009

Model perceptions...

Last week many of you were happy to be booked at the hair show in Long Beach. I personally went down to meet clients and see the models that were booked. Some of you have great clients that you have booked for print and shows, including contracts that have you booked all across the United States. We are so happy to be a part of that booking process and always do our best to negotiate the best contracts for our models.
We actually have a Swiss client that was very excited to work with our models. It seems that some models do not think twice about confirming for a casting, where it was basically a booking as long as they showed up! We have 13 models set to meet the client, and out of those 13 only 4 made it. I can say that I personally will be calling all of the models myself to find out what happend. I guess my point is might think that hair shows are small potatoes, but I can assure you that the models that have the contracts and are booked all year long making over $5000.00 per shows and rehersals are not thinking the same way, especially when they are booked for over 15 shows. I always have to laught a bit at the models that are so stuck on their hair style that they are turning down this type of work. What everyone fails to see is that many of these clients will use you for video productions, print campaigns, shows, public appearances, and much much more. So, for those of you who feel that you are too good to do the hair shows, think again.
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