Thursday, February 26, 2009

How important is a castings?

Now that we know how agents get castings, it is time for me to tell you how Peak Models & Talent gets additional castings for you. One of our stregnths is how many clients we already work with for the past 13 + years. These clients have come to rely on our models and the quality of the work and talent provided. We get direct calls from clients that know our agency and trust that they do not have to call any other agencies to get what they need.
This is where we really have much higher bookings, think about it, with the casting notices, you are competing with all of LA and Orange Counties, with our direct clients you are only competing with our other models. The chances of booking if you are on top of your game are much higher.
We always check in with our regular clients to make sure that we are ready for any of their modeling and talent needs. Mercedes recentely booked several people for TV commerical , and guess what , we were the only agency involved since the production company knows us and trusts that our people are easy to work with and will deliver a great attitude.

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