Sunday, February 22, 2009

How do I know if my agent is submitting me?

Some of you may or may not know that I modeled for over 15 years before starting Peak Models & Talent. I felt fortunate that I was able to work consistently, and had some very high end clients that used me for years and years. I also had agents that I worked with, but the nagging question in my mind was always, "Am I getting out on everything?" "Why didn't I go to that casting that my friend got called on? " And keep in mind this is back in the days before the internet expolsion.
My schedule was packed, and I was working everday from often 6:00am until 8:00 at night doing print, fit, catalogs, runway, and TV. I really did not even have time for castings, but I also did not want to miss out.
So, now on the agent side of the biz I see clearly how it works, and I now know that the agents are just the middle person, trying to get you into companies, and negotiate the rates and fees.
The hard part is that the clients now request photos via email, comp cards, and almost your blood type before you can get into a casting! Yes, it is much harder since there are so many models out there, and the competition is fierce. The model with all of their tools in place has an infinately higher chance of getting into companies for meetings, castings and eventual bookings.
I can guarantee you that Disney does not want to see some unprofessional model that has a few photos and a pretty face, they want the complete package, and they rely on us to provide that for them, so make sure to do your part and get everyting together, this is after all your career.

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