Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone!

So what is the plan this weekend? Let's see, Friday night, late night underground party? No, way too scketchy, perhaps dinner out with friends, a movie perhaps, then there is always Saturday, the day for the gym to be totally overcrowded with all of the people that ate too much candy and popcorn at the movies! So, off to the coffee stop, peoople watching with a latte, bookstore, mall, walking the dog, lazing around reading magazines, getting together with friends or family, and here we are at Saturday night! Another late night, mojitos that just did not sit right, and poof, Sunday morning...
The day to rest, count your blessings and be happy to know that every day is a new day and a new chance to take care of yourself.
Now you all know that this is how models are percieved right? And many of you might be living la via loca but keep in mind that it all catches up eventually, have fun yes, but everything in moderation. And please, please , please if you are going to drink, do not drive, there is nothing worse than getting a DUI, talk about not getting to your castings!! And by not drinking and driving, I really mean not drinking and driving...not " oh I only had a couple of drinks and I ate so I am fine" , I mean " Oh I had one drink, someone else should drive" ...and not the person who had 5 vodka cranberries either :)
The reason I am posting this is because one of our models just got a dreaded DUI and it is turning her life up side down. So, remember to take care of yourself, there is only one you, so be good to yourself!

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