Monday, February 23, 2009

Editorial rates for models

Recently we booked a model for a bridal magazine for an editorial spread. The magazine hired several models to model the deisgner gowns for the magazine. We let the models know that the rate would be the editorial rate and for that magazine it was $250.00 for the day.
For those of you seasoned models you know that this is actually a decent rate for editorial, some top magazines pay $150.00 for the day for editorial.
So, you ask , "why do they do it?" That question is one for the new model, the model with little experience, and the model who thinks that modeling is only about $$$. The editorial spots are some of the most coveted spots for models to get exposure. Many of the top models have all done editorial to get started. So, for those of you who complain that you do not like the editorial rate, no problem, I will give the shoots to the models that appreciate what the pages of a magazine can do for a career. We have models begging us to do these jobs to build their books, it is the best way to get great shots, and get paid, along with tear sheets.
Never tell your agent that you do not do editorial over the rate, you might as well just tell them that you do not model;s basically what your saying when you complain about editorial rates. It also shows your agent that you do not know much about the modeling industry.
I will be looking for you in the pages of the magazines that we booked for you!

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