Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So now that we know how agents get castings, and that if you do get a casting for a client, that you beat out thousands of other models to get that casting, it is now your time to shine.
Picture the scene, the casting company has a list with your photo on it and your name, they set up a time for you to come in, you then call us telling us you cannot get a sitter, or you cannot get a ride, or even worse, you have " other plans" with your significant other. Are you kidding?
And then there is my favorite, you just do not show or call. UGH!@
Think about it, they have YOUR PHOTO, YOUR NAME, if you flake, they REMEMBER , and it can hurt your chances of the next casting even if it is for another company!
Think of dating, have you ever not shown up for something social? A date? A movie or a dinner?
Do you actually think that the other person is going to want to rely on you in the future?
The choices are yours and yours only. I can only show the clients what you look like and what yoru experience is based on what you tell me, it is your job to tell them who you really are by your actions and reliability.

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