Saturday, February 28, 2009

All about you!

This is a neat site where you put in your birthday (or of someone you love - especially kids who love this ) and you pull up a lot of neat information about the day - the estimate of conception, your birth tree, and lots of other interesting stuff.

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Friday, February 27, 2009

Multiple Model Bookings

If you are a model working with other models from your agency on a photo shoot or fashion show, or any other type of modeling project, you have a responsibility.
Once a job is completed, the client will ask us for a bill. If you have not sent in your voucher with the proper rate, overtime, reimbursments, date and time of assignment, plus the required agency fees, you will hold up payments for everyone. I can assure you that if you are the one calling because you did not get paid as quickly as you would like, make sure your paperwork was in first before you start complaining, after all, your agent does not get paid until you get paid either.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

How important is a castings?

Now that we know how agents get castings, it is time for me to tell you how Peak Models & Talent gets additional castings for you. One of our stregnths is how many clients we already work with for the past 13 + years. These clients have come to rely on our models and the quality of the work and talent provided. We get direct calls from clients that know our agency and trust that they do not have to call any other agencies to get what they need.
This is where we really have much higher bookings, think about it, with the casting notices, you are competing with all of LA and Orange Counties, with our direct clients you are only competing with our other models. The chances of booking if you are on top of your game are much higher.
We always check in with our regular clients to make sure that we are ready for any of their modeling and talent needs. Mercedes recentely booked several people for TV commerical , and guess what , we were the only agency involved since the production company knows us and trusts that our people are easy to work with and will deliver a great attitude.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So now that we know how agents get castings, and that if you do get a casting for a client, that you beat out thousands of other models to get that casting, it is now your time to shine.
Picture the scene, the casting company has a list with your photo on it and your name, they set up a time for you to come in, you then call us telling us you cannot get a sitter, or you cannot get a ride, or even worse, you have " other plans" with your significant other. Are you kidding?
And then there is my favorite, you just do not show or call. UGH!@
Think about it, they have YOUR PHOTO, YOUR NAME, if you flake, they REMEMBER , and it can hurt your chances of the next casting even if it is for another company!
Think of dating, have you ever not shown up for something social? A date? A movie or a dinner?
Do you actually think that the other person is going to want to rely on you in the future?
The choices are yours and yours only. I can only show the clients what you look like and what yoru experience is based on what you tell me, it is your job to tell them who you really are by your actions and reliability.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Submissions for modeling jobs

How it works...

Many of you are wondering how the submissions work, what I mean by submissions is how your photos get out to clients seeking models. Much of the biz is online, meaning that we get notices from high end companies such as NOKIA, INTEL, IBM, SPEEDO, AARP, MICROSOFT, DISNEY, TARGET, MACYS, NORDSTROMS, MARSHALLS CLOTHING STORES, and many more. Agencies average over 400 notices a day, and we spend our time emailing your photos to the casting directors that these companies are using. By the end of the day, we get a notice that you have been selected to meet the clients, and this is now a casting for you.

Please keep in mind that if you actually get a casting like this you have beat out thousands of other models at other agencies to be seen. For those of you who think that agents have too many models to think about you, think again. With the internet, we do not have to think about anyone speicfically, we just punch in the description of what the clients are seeking and poof, your photo gets emailed.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Editorial rates for models

Recently we booked a model for a bridal magazine for an editorial spread. The magazine hired several models to model the deisgner gowns for the magazine. We let the models know that the rate would be the editorial rate and for that magazine it was $250.00 for the day.
For those of you seasoned models you know that this is actually a decent rate for editorial, some top magazines pay $150.00 for the day for editorial.
So, you ask , "why do they do it?" That question is one for the new model, the model with little experience, and the model who thinks that modeling is only about $$$. The editorial spots are some of the most coveted spots for models to get exposure. Many of the top models have all done editorial to get started. So, for those of you who complain that you do not like the editorial rate, no problem, I will give the shoots to the models that appreciate what the pages of a magazine can do for a career. We have models begging us to do these jobs to build their books, it is the best way to get great shots, and get paid, along with tear sheets.
Never tell your agent that you do not do editorial over the rate, you might as well just tell them that you do not model;s basically what your saying when you complain about editorial rates. It also shows your agent that you do not know much about the modeling industry.
I will be looking for you in the pages of the magazines that we booked for you!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Four Seasons Hotels

We always love to see the jobs we have booked for you~

Our lovely Rolana booked a nice job with the Four Seasons , and take a look at how hard this job must have been!

We all wish we could be working with Rolana on this booking!
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How do I know if my agent is submitting me?

Some of you may or may not know that I modeled for over 15 years before starting Peak Models & Talent. I felt fortunate that I was able to work consistently, and had some very high end clients that used me for years and years. I also had agents that I worked with, but the nagging question in my mind was always, "Am I getting out on everything?" "Why didn't I go to that casting that my friend got called on? " And keep in mind this is back in the days before the internet expolsion.
My schedule was packed, and I was working everday from often 6:00am until 8:00 at night doing print, fit, catalogs, runway, and TV. I really did not even have time for castings, but I also did not want to miss out.
So, now on the agent side of the biz I see clearly how it works, and I now know that the agents are just the middle person, trying to get you into companies, and negotiate the rates and fees.
The hard part is that the clients now request photos via email, comp cards, and almost your blood type before you can get into a casting! Yes, it is much harder since there are so many models out there, and the competition is fierce. The model with all of their tools in place has an infinately higher chance of getting into companies for meetings, castings and eventual bookings.
I can guarantee you that Disney does not want to see some unprofessional model that has a few photos and a pretty face, they want the complete package, and they rely on us to provide that for them, so make sure to do your part and get everyting together, this is after all your career.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone!

So what is the plan this weekend? Let's see, Friday night, late night underground party? No, way too scketchy, perhaps dinner out with friends, a movie perhaps, then there is always Saturday, the day for the gym to be totally overcrowded with all of the people that ate too much candy and popcorn at the movies! So, off to the coffee stop, peoople watching with a latte, bookstore, mall, walking the dog, lazing around reading magazines, getting together with friends or family, and here we are at Saturday night! Another late night, mojitos that just did not sit right, and poof, Sunday morning...
The day to rest, count your blessings and be happy to know that every day is a new day and a new chance to take care of yourself.
Now you all know that this is how models are percieved right? And many of you might be living la via loca but keep in mind that it all catches up eventually, have fun yes, but everything in moderation. And please, please , please if you are going to drink, do not drive, there is nothing worse than getting a DUI, talk about not getting to your castings!! And by not drinking and driving, I really mean not drinking and driving...not " oh I only had a couple of drinks and I ate so I am fine" , I mean " Oh I had one drink, someone else should drive" ...and not the person who had 5 vodka cranberries either :)
The reason I am posting this is because one of our models just got a dreaded DUI and it is turning her life up side down. So, remember to take care of yourself, there is only one you, so be good to yourself!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dress Code for Hair Shows...

Many models call and ask us what to wear on a casting. For modeling, you should try to dress upscale with hair and make up done to all castings. For hair castings, always wear black, as your hair really stands out against the black clothing.
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Monday, February 16, 2009

All about you!

This is a neat site where you put in your birthday (or of someone you love - especially kids who love this ) and you pull up a lot of neat information about the day - the estimate of conception, your birth tree, and lots of other interesting stuff.

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Model Requirements

At Peak Models & Talent we have noticed that there are two types of models. There are the professional models that have their books in order, have comp cards, call us back for castings and book work. Then there are the models that come to us with a few pictures, high hopes, and some strange idea that once they are "signed" that the booking fairy is going to land on their head.
I have really been struggling with what to do with these models with so much promise, yet no clue of how it works. After much thought it has occured to me that we are making it to easy.
The pro models understand that modeling is a job, it is work, and there are no short cuts.
Many of the newer models are still under the impression that it is all glamour, and no work.
So, for those of you considering representation with Peak Models & Talent, you will be required to do your part. You will need to come to the office and show us your book, you will need to get updated shots if yours are not getting you castings or bookings, you will also need to provide your comp cards to the agency. We will also have times where we will be remeasuring models, and checking your overall appearance, including your hair ( no roots please) and your hands and feet. Models do not have chewed nails or unmanicured hands and feet. Remember you are the whole package, if there is something that is not up to speed, we need to get you there, so that you can book work.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Model perceptions...

Last week many of you were happy to be booked at the hair show in Long Beach. I personally went down to meet clients and see the models that were booked. Some of you have great clients that you have booked for print and shows, including contracts that have you booked all across the United States. We are so happy to be a part of that booking process and always do our best to negotiate the best contracts for our models.
We actually have a Swiss client that was very excited to work with our models. It seems that some models do not think twice about confirming for a casting, where it was basically a booking as long as they showed up! We have 13 models set to meet the client, and out of those 13 only 4 made it. I can say that I personally will be calling all of the models myself to find out what happend. I guess my point is might think that hair shows are small potatoes, but I can assure you that the models that have the contracts and are booked all year long making over $5000.00 per shows and rehersals are not thinking the same way, especially when they are booked for over 15 shows. I always have to laught a bit at the models that are so stuck on their hair style that they are turning down this type of work. What everyone fails to see is that many of these clients will use you for video productions, print campaigns, shows, public appearances, and much much more. So, for those of you who feel that you are too good to do the hair shows, think again.
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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Acting or modeling?

Many actors also model to fill in the time in between TV and commercials. Just the other day we had an incident where an actor/model accepted a $1200.00 print job with a top clothing manufacturer. Our model however made the mistake of overbooking himself, and in the process there was a domino effect which had very negative consequences for the model and client.

The client I will also add shoots weekly and sometimes twice a week for their website, so as you can imagine, we get a lot of work with this client. The model had booked a TV spot and was working all day the week before. When it came time for his booking with us, he called the day before to let us know late in the afternoon that he would not be able to work the next day, due to the fact that he had been booked on the TV show again. This is all understandable except when you as the model try to lie to our client and tell them that we the agent never told you about the shoot. That is where we draw the line. The model of course did know about the shoot, however he got his week overbooked and in an attempt to clean it up, he threw us under the bus.

Of course the other part of the problem is that once the model let us know he could not do the booking, he left us no time to replace the spot, causing us to scramble to find another model. A few great guys tried to get to the client, and sadly for them, they did not make it in time, as they booked someone else out of the agency. For us we still work with the client, but for our model they have flagged him as unreliable, and he is forever banned from working in their print department. And as you all know, people go to work at other companies, I can tell you this too, I have had clients that have moved on call me for models and tell me to make sure not to send "so and so"

. As a model or an actor, you have to know this, there is only one you, and if you create a bad taste in the clients mouth, that is really hard to fix. Our model did everything he could to fix the problem, he even wrote a letter of apology to the client, and they still did not budge. This story is not to bash the talent, it is to illustrate how one decision not to tell your agency what is going on can have serious ramifications.

Many people were affected by his lack of communication, including the client, their staff, the photography team , the stylists, the make up artists, the models that tried to rush out to replace him, his agency, and last but not least the talent. We as an agency have many people to choose from when faced with this type of situation with clients, and we can usually get a suitable replacement when enough time is permitted, however the talents reputation is forever tainted due to the fact that he did not honor his word or obligations. That is not something that people quickly forget, and the ripple effect of that down the road is still not known.

We tried everything in our power to let the client know that our model is normally reliable, but the damage was done. I only hope that our model learned a valuable lesson from this incident that he will take with him into the future. You know what they say, you see the same people on the way up, on the way back down. So, make sure not to screw up just to benefit yourself. You never know who is watching, and how it will affect your reputation in the long run.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

RockStar System for Success!

Craig Duswalt's Rock Star System For Success was exactly that!If you missed this E -vent, you will get another chance in September, but if you are even remotely considering going, you better get on it quickly. Craigs event was packed, and after seeing what people were saying about the seminar, I can be sure that the next event will be sold out way before it's time! This event was so much fun, there was never a dull moment, and everyone took home amazing tools to create RockStar status in their industries.
The weekend started with ex marine corps fighter pilot Ed Rush sharing his system for accomplishing things in your business at top speed. Craig then moved into teaching the attendees the skill of how to write a book in 30 days! There were actual authors in the audience that had attended Craig's 2 hour seminar in the past and brought in their completed books for all to see!

The audience was a mix of people from all industries, and everyone from the pest control owner, to the chirporactor, to the model, to the yoga instructor, to the authors, to the business owners were buzzing with excitement at all they had learned. In addition to the wonderful content that Craig shared with the group, world- renowned Internet marketing expert Tom Antion also came to share how to make money on the internet. James Malinchak also delighted the group with his incredible ability to map out the "how to" in taking your business to the next level. Craig has personally trained with both Tom and James, and as you can see the results are outstanding to say the least. For more information on how you can get more information about any of the speakers at this event go to There are other valuable tools and resources that Craig uses at this site.
The thing that everyone said was that they could not wait to put the tools and skills into action. Others said that they were so inspired that they felt that they had finally been handed a blue print on the how to in their careers of choice. We were also all very intrigued by Jeff Hockings and his TV production "Leading Experts". For those of you who have seen Craigs show, that is what Jeff Hockings can do for you. Thank you so much to all of the speakers that came and shared their expertise in their fields, you are a wealth of information that is not taught anywhere else. Again if you missed any part of the seminar, you can check in with
and click on rock star recources.

Craig also invited Duff McKagan from Guns N Roses to come out and share stories from the tour. Duff was so candid and genuine, and the Rock Star attendees were able to meet Duff in person at the private party in Craig's suite. Duff took photos with the RockStar attendees as well.
Everyone was thrilled to be a part of such a magical weekend. Congratulations Craig Duswalt, you rocked the house!