Thursday, January 8, 2009

Model workouts!

So we all had a great time over the holidays with all of the great food, yummy holidays drinks and cold weather keeping us indoors. Now that January has rolled around, some of us have found that we feel a little bigger than usual.
I can always tell when models had a great time, the clients will call and so...
"The model we used looked a little bigger this time"
That of course is our cue to let you know that it is time to get back to eating healthy, and getting some exercise. DO NOT GO ON A DIET!!! REPEAT...DO NOT GO ON A DIET!!! As an agent my focus is that you remain healthy, not go crash dieting, and believe me, when I see you I know the difference. So, the key is walking. Yes, walking. If you feel like you have added a little to the middle, just add a walk to your day. Try a couple of miles, you will be surprised how fast that goes.
Remember that your body benefits the most when you stay active. Just look at Jack La Lanne... he has been around since I was a child and he is still vibrant and healthy.
Be well, and let's get booking!

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