Friday, January 30, 2009


Ok all you race fans, you are going to love this. One of our models is a racecar driver!

Yes, she is fast and beautiful! Ashley has been busy on the road and off. With an amazing career in modeling and racing, it is easy to see why Ashley is sought after in her field...

Almost born into the trade, Ashley Van Dyke is a rare commodity. Having grown up around her family's motorsports facility, she quickly immersed herself into the automotive culture. Her good looks, sophisticated charms and talent in front of the camera are her strengths, but so too is her natural ability behind the wheel of a car.

Ashley has served as both on-air talent and as a driver for a wide range of clients, marketing programs and television shows. In 2007, she served as on-air talent and co-host to Tommy Kendall for a SPEED TV program dubbed "Setup." In 2006, she drove a Porsche GT3 in the CHP Foundation rally where she was given a test in F3000 cars. She also scored a top 10 finish in her Mercedes E55 in the 2006 Bullrun and went on to serve as a host for the SPIKE rendition of the Bullrun event. At about the same time, she served as on air talent for WebRides TV, an online broad band network. Prior to this, she cut her teeth in high speed road rallies on the "Player's Run," a high profile, high speed road rally not for the weak of heart.

Most recently her achievement winning the Gumball 3000 USA with expert copilot, Eric Ward, has led to a more international platform. Her attention from the European market has grown strong since the debut of her first rally, Playersrun, television and movie exlotiots. In November Ashley will be running track days at the Nurnbergring in Germany with Road magazine and Vredestein Tires.

Behind the scenes, Ashley has also served in leadership roles for a variety of automotive and fashion events handling everything from logistics to talent recruitment. This well-rounded experience and natural ability both in front of the camera and behind the scenes provides a strong balance of capabilities and understanding that makes her truly unique.

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