Thursday, January 15, 2009


Thigs have been so busy at the agencyt that we have not had time to feature any models since last year! So, for the new year, we wanted to start out with one of your men. Joshua is always willing to seek new opportunities, and we are anticipating his success! For a look into his life, read in his own words what he has been up to in the business of modeling and acting...

I was born in Northern Caifornia I was raised on a 60 acre horse ranch were we
filmed western Movies, My grandfather was from the old hollywood days so i grew up in a very interesting way to say the least, most of the films i was appart of too!
When i was in my early 20's I was a park Ranger for the county parks department, I was touring with my band as a lead singer & guitarist, we put out on studio demo, did a music video, titled Perfect Place, which is on line the band avidian, at the same time I was modeling in San francisco for Macy's, Nordstroms, Niemen Marcos & doing various print jobs for mens wear.
Now I' m here in Los angeles(Venice Beach) were I just booked I film a Volkswagen commercial for the Canadioan marked as the lead, I just wrapped a short film thats going to sundace, titled Born That Way, I finished a film for the NewYork film academy as the lead, called Finding a Place, it'd being screened at warner Bros now, I'm filming Caravaggio the Search as Michael the arch angels & jesus christ.
In the fashion world, I've been working the romance side on books & magazine covers for Hoplessly romantic magazine & doing look books for Missani fashion in sant ana.

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