Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Freelance Models

Freelance models seem to very popular these days! Yes that is right, an agent is writing about freelance models, and there is a reason to really consider booking on your own. Here are the facts, in this economy, people are losing their jobs, being forced out of their homes, and struggling to make ends meet. Models are not immune to the pressures of the economy as we all know. Being an agent I get to see both side of the coin so to speak. I see models that are committed to their agencies and I see models that "want" and agent, but do not want to let go of the freelance aspect of modeling. This year we have had several companies go belly up that could not keep up with the pressures of the economic state we have found ourselves participating in. Many of those clients have bounced checks, stalled on payments, etc.
At Peak Models & Talent we are setting up new terms with cleints for payment. Many of our clients pay directly with a credit card to assure payment. I do not know about you, but as an individual, I do not "accept" credit cards, since I am not a business. However, my agency Peak Models & Talent does accept credit cards, and that is an advantage we pass on to our models.
I get calls ane emails all of the time with models telling me about their horror stories regarding payment. The most interesting thing is that they ask how to get paid with a freelance client. My question is , why would you ever book freelance and risk getting paid? Is it worth the few extra dollars to you that you would pay in commission?
Oh, and one more thought? Did you ever book a job freelance,and meet agency girls doing the SAME work you are doing yet they are being paid a much higher rate due to agency representation?
Many of you think this is not fair, but you are choosing to work freelance, so you should be happy with the rates you have negotiated! After all, you wanted to book it on you own right? I agree it is not fair, but you have a choice.
With our economy , there is no better time to find a reputable agency that has been in business at least 10 years, that can work on your behalf. The commission paid to the agency far outweighs the risks you take going it alone in the freelance world.
Natasha Duswalt

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