Friday, December 19, 2008

The difference between Fit models and Fitness Models

Every time a model submits to Peak Models & Talent, I ask if they are familiar with FIT MODELING? Most of the models I meet seem to confuse FIT MODELS with FITNESS MODELS. Actually the two are very different.
Fitness models are hired for fitness companies and magazines having to do with health and fitness. When you see the cover of SHAPE magazine, that is a fitness model. You might also see fitness models on exercise infomercials, gym advertisments, and nutritional products.
Now for a fit model. A fit model is a human being that "fits" the clothing for a specific clothing manufacturer. When a company produces clothing to sell across the nation or globe, a fit model is employed to assist in the fit process.
Have you ever put on a top and found that you cannot move your arms? Perhaps that company did not use a fit model to check production? As a former fit model for many years, I have seen hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise returned to companies due to fit issues. A fit issue can be as simple as the tension being too tight on a sewing machine that is producing a swimsuit resulting in lack of flex for the garment. You will notice as well that most of the higher priced items fit better.
The reason for this is because the manufacturer understands that FIT is critical to re order business and sales in general. Once a garment goes to production, it is critical that the end result fits.
At Peak Models & Talent we have been providing FIT models since 1997 for leading manufacturers in the Los Angeles area. Many of our models travel all over the world to ensure proper fit, resulting in the success of some of the biggest names in apparel. At this time in our economic climate, quality is going to be the only thing that sets a company apart from another. To achieve quality and fit, a fit model is the most critical aspect of producing garments that sell.
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