Monday, November 10, 2008

Picture the scene...

Picture the scene...
you are a casting director or an agent. You see thousands of photos for hundreds of projects every day. Now, you see familiar faces, some you have fond thoughts of being on time, being prepared, being available. Conversly, you see the faces of those that always seem to have a problem, changing times for castings,being late,being unavailable for castings and bookings due to other interests having nothing to do with your acting or modeling career. Now, picture this..
The agent or casting director has to literally "vouch" for you to clients. Who do you think they are going to think of when the big jobs come rolling on by.
Have you ever noticed that some people seem to be in everything??? Is it luck?
NO, it is being there, available, on time,not acting like a diva. Yes, it is a sad truth, but many photos get passed over in casting offices over little things that all add up to unreliable.
The solution you ask? Yes you can save face...literally...I am talking reinventing yourself. Get new photos taken immeidately, post a range of looks on LA casting and BREAKDOWNS. Think back honestly, have you been on top of your game? OR are you the type that always has an excuse why you cannot make appointments, always need things changed around for you? Yes, you know who you are, and if you are not booking, this is a major reason why. I want you to succeed, and so all I can say is to get rid of the photo that has flaky written all over it, and reshoot. Then, if you go to that trouble, you MUST commit to showing up.
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