Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Comp cards and portfolios

Hi everyone~!
I thought I would pass on a little story about a model that works with Peak.
This model books print, and for some reason does not feel that she needs to print comp cards. Yes, she does work all of the time, and for some reason will not invest in cards for herself or Peak. So, I get a call todaay from a costume company asking for additional comp cards of girls that fit into the range of what they are seeking.( We had sent a packet the week prior) Of course we wanted to send her card in, but again, we did not have cards. Being the diligent agency that we are, we emailed her photos over. The client said that he would love to book her, but he needed to send a hard copy to the owner and "line up" the models cards to finalize the booking. We had already sent a packet a week earlier, so he had cards, he just wanted a few more to wrap the booking. Now it gets really interesting, the client was booking 4 models at 1500 + 20% per day per model, and it is a 2 day possibly 3 day booking. You do the math on that. Long story short, he did not have time to wait, so he went ahead and booked the models that were included in the packet. At first I felt really bad for that model, and she does not even know that this happened,of course I wiill tell her, but for now I had to tell all of you, since I KNOW that many of you do not have comp cards with us. Starting January 1st, we will require PEAK logo cards, along with a PEAK logo book to be sent out. There are hundreds of models that submit to PEAK every week, and we need models that can deliver. Again, I really felt bad about what happened to this model, since I know that an additional $3000.00 - $4500.00 would have been nice this holilday season. So, for those of you that say you can't afford comp cards, I would say that you cannot afford not to have them.
PEAK is lucky to have models that are on top of their game, and we strive to have more. Please do your part to get comp cards made asap. Our layout is at BUNKER and GENISIS, and PARAGON, all in LA. We will need to see the photos that you are selecting for your cards as well. If you need to shoot, check out my personal favorite I wish I could have booked that model, but I cannot do it all for her. Hopefully we can all learn that being prepared is key in this business.

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