Monday, October 20, 2008

TARGET print booking!

Hi everyone,
Well, once again one of my favorite places to shop for things I need for my family has booked another one of our models for their print campaign.
We are happy to tell you that Jenna and Karen have both booked Target in the past few months, and I can say that their books are strong enough to land these bookings.
I was speaking with a photographer the other day and he told me that models complain if they do not get booked, or they think they are wasting time going to castings.
I cannot tell you how many times clients call me and say, " So and so was not right for this project, but I want to book her / him next time.
The funny thing is that some of these very models will complain if they did not get the booking, of course then I have to decide if they are going to be difficult for my client, since they are complainers, and should I recommend someone else?
I understand that you all want the bookings, but keep it in mind that every person you meet is an opportunity for something else as well.
Congratulations to Jenna and Karen for booking TARGET STORES PRINT!

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