Monday, September 8, 2008

Passports anyone?

Ah, vacation...we all need them and love them. And those wonderful destinations that are filled with glistening sands, tranquil beaches, pretty drinks with tropical fruits attatched, and of course the ever wonderful hotel room with room service.
Now, to get to these places is another story. As a model there are numerous opportunities to go to wonderful locations if you are prepared.
That means that if you are "ready to go" at the drop of a hat, you could be booked on a very beautiful trip at the last second, IF of course you have a valid passport ready to go with you.
There is no better tool to have then a valid passport. Clients try to book people all of the time, only to find out that their passport is expired, or worse, they do not have one at all.
So, then what? You got it, they call to "replace" that person with someone who is ready to go.
Who would you rather be? The one being cancelled for not being ready or the one booking because you had all yoru duck in a row?
Go get your possport, and if you have one, make sure it is updated. You never know who will be calling!

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