Friday, September 12, 2008

Model Spotlight!

Ok everyone, I mentioned that I would like to "spotlight" the models that are really showing up and doing their part. I also want to be able to tell all of you how the models in the spotlight are doing what they do. I will be sending out a list of questions for an interview with the model in the spotlight so that we can all learn from each other what works and what doesn't.
Todays model in the spotlight is Megan D. Megan has been booking on a consistent basis. Today Megan is busy shooting her BUD LIGHT NATIONAL BEER COMMERCIAL booked by our commercial division at Peak Models & Talent!
Megan has already booked a high end demin line for the October Demin market, she also did a LIBERTY MUTUAL print ad! Peak Models & Talent was happy to book her in the TROPIC OF THUNDER movie this past summer, and several fit positions with high end designer labels. Being a FIT MODEL also helps Megan keep up her income between castings and auditions.
As an agent I am always looking for that special something in a person, and I can truly say that Megan has "it". By "it", I mean that she has a willingness to succeed, a passion for what she does, and she is truly excited about all of the opportunities offered. Yes there are times that the jobs are not as high paying, but guess what, Megan goes and books them. THAT is the "it" factor. More and more clients are calling and asking for that "spuky sweet girl Megan with the great attitude. Conversly we get calls about other models that are not rebooked because the client said they need to work on their attitude. Isn't that intereseting that your attitude can have such an impact on your income? This is a huge lesson!
Do you go through life and notice people that you really like perhaps at the grocery store or STARBUCKS? People that shine at what they do, they seem upbeat and happy to be doing what they are doing? That is exactly what Megan brings to the table.
Megan D is one of the best examples of a go getter, and I am happy to have her in the model "SPOTLIGHT" for every one see. Congratulations Megan!

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