Monday, September 29, 2008

Courtney in the spotlight!
Every time I have to choose a model to put in the spotlight, I have such a hard time deciding who to post, since there are so many of you that deserve your time in the light. Please know that I am watching your bookings, your casting attendance, your attitude towards clients, and the entire package. This month our model in the spotlight is Courtney. Courtney is an amazing model. Upon our first meeting, I said after she left the office, " That girl is going to book". Courtneys energy was so amazing, she was personable, friendly and outgoing. She had the confidence that I look for in a model, and the beauty to go with it.
As predicted, Courtney started booking right away. I was not surprised, since she is such an amazing model and person. I believe that Courtney touches everyone she meets in a positive way. I feel very luck to have Courtney with Peak Models & Talent.
I look forward matching her up with new clients, and watching her thrive!
I have also noticed that Courtney goes to all of the castings we provide, and there is no drama or being picky.
I believe that Courtney understand the power of meeting people and that the more people you meet the better off you will succeed at whatever you are doing.
Courtney is also very diverse, she can do fashion, athletic wear, swimwear, and everyhting inbetween. Courtney's natural athletic ablility has enabled her to maintain a fit and healthy figure booking major sportswear companies. As I mentioned, I am looking for the " it" factor, and again you can see it with
Courtney P.

Congratulations Courtney, you are truly an outstanding person!

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